Electric bikes in Ontario get 3-year nod

Well, it’s about time! Our province is finally getting the big picture. We can now ride our electric bikes (except Sparky) legally on roads and streets in Ontario, as long as the basic requirements are met. No special licenses, insurance or registration needed. Woo hoo!

Electric Bike Pilot Project To Give Ontarians An Environmentally-Friendly Transportation Option

TORONTO, Oct. 4 /CNW/ – The McGuinty government is testing a clean, healthy transportation alternative with the launch of a pilot allowing the use of e-bikes on Ontario roads, Transportation Minister Donna Cansfield announced today.

“Ontarians are looking for healthy, environmentally sensitive ways to get around,” said Cansfield. “E-bikes are an easy-to-use transportation choice that reduce emissions and help cut traffic congestion.” An e-bike can be pedaled like a bicycle or can be powered with an electric motor to a maximum speed of 32 kilometres an hour. Until now e-bikes were not permitted on Ontario roads. The Ministry is conducting a pilot test to ensure that e-bikes can safely share the road with other traffic and pedestrians. For the next three years, e-bikes will be permitted on all roads where conventional bicycles are currently allowed. Riders must be at least 16 years of age and they must wear a bicycle helmet while riding.

“Emissions from cars, trucks and buses contribute greatly to the quality of air we breathe. With e-bikes, more Ontarians can connect to the outdoors in an environmentally-friendly way,” said Minister of the Environment Laurel Broten.

“Many people who would like to commute by bicycle are concerned about their ability to tackle hills and long distances. Electric assist bicycles allow more people to ride more often. We applaud the government for allowing this option,” added Juergen Weichert, spokesperson for the Electric Vehicle Council of Ottawa.

“Ontario has the safest roads in North America and the McGuinty government is committed to building on that record,” added Cansfield. “The McGuinty government recognizes the importance of having a sustainable transportation system that will support the needs of today while protecting our natural environment for the future. E-bikes encourage people to leave their cars at home. Ontarians now have more mobility choices that are environmentally friendly, and this government encourages the safe use of these vehicles.”Full backgrounder and details can be found at www.mto.gov.on.ca .


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