Recumbent trike painted, decals coming soon

Kyoto Cruiser Trike 

Thanks to yesterday’s warm, sunny weather, the trike was primed and painted. It’s been a pretty warm fall so far compared to previous years, which is great for us since we have nowhere to paint indoors yet during the winter. We’ll have to figure something out. Will be working on the seats this weekend, and if we can get them done, then we’ll be taking our first real ride and taking some pictures and videos!

Monday, Oct. 9 is our Thanksgiving holiday here in Canada, and even though we aren’t officially off from our jobs, maybe we’ll have some time to take a ride. I love the fall. The colors are amazing, although the trees are just starting to turn auburn, red and brilliant orange. The pumpkins are still mainly green. Need some frosty weather so they’ll ripen or we’ll have green ones for Halloween. Hopefully, we’ll be able to take some rides in the country and take in the scenery before it gets too cold.

As I write this, our new decals are being printed. We should have them here next week. Pretty excited about them, as it’s the first time we’ve had decals made. They will be in the Atomic Zombie store next week. Stay tuned for more updates and announcements here and in the Support Forum.

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