White stuff, Kyoto Cruiser Trike impresses, we’re # 10!


It was bound to happen sooner or later – the snow hath cometh. Up to 1 cm (.5″) today. Yesterday, the forecast called for up to 10 cm today, let’s hope that the most recent prediction is correct. Our days scavenging at the dump are numbered. This past weekend I cleaned up the vegetable garden and cleaned up the yard a bit thank goodness. Last year I was so far behind then suddenly we got over a foot of snow and I was out there picking carrots in the middle of a snowstorm.

We rode our new Kyoto Cruiser Trike several times this past weekend. On Saturday, we went for a cruise for over two hours, taking pictures at various locations and turned alot of heads. We had people following us in their cars checking it out and giving us a “thumbs up”. On Sunday, Brad installed the hub motor and took it to the grocery store. Almost an hour later he returned home (the store is less than a block from our house). He spent less than 10 minutes in the store, but the rest of the time, he was outside answering questions from curious people, then had to relocate to another part of the parking lot because there was a traffic jam as more people pulled in to check out the trike.

Then, we rode our Kyoto Cruiser Trike to Thanksgiving dinner with some side dishes that I’d prepared strapped to the back of the frame in a duffle bag. Everything, including us, arrived safely. Good thing we had the motor to help us along the way since the wind was really strong. Coming home, we turned on the front and back lights and made it home in about 15 minutes. Because we took a recreation trail part of the way, our time was actually faster than if we had been driving a gas guzzler. On Monday, we went for another ride and stopped at a local coffee shop for a rest and warm up. Over an hour and many conversations later with more interested folks, we were on our way again. It was pretty cool to get kudos from some motorcycle riders.

Smooth, sturdy, handles corners like a dream, fast, sleek – what else can you ask for in a ride!? I like the fact that we have independent pedaling systems and gears. When we need an extra boost for hill climbing or accelerating from a dead stop, the hub motor is a wonderful addition. Of course, under the 3-year pilot project here in Ontario, the maximum allowable speed of electric bikes is 32 km/h. The idea is to have a hub motor provide “electric assist” since the bike must have operating pedals. I guess you could only use the motor if you want, but where’s the fun in that?! Half of the fun is getting exercise, fresh air and carrying on a conversation as you sit side-by-side. I hope that we have more nice days to take a day long cruise to the country and take in the fall colors.

So, next on the list is to get the Kyoto Cruiser Trike download and some video clips ready within the next week.

Decals should be coming next week, too, as well as more Bicycle Builder’s Bonanza and 101 Spy Gadgets books.

Brad found something interesting about our book, Build Your Own All-Terrain Robot. Apparently, it’s been popular in the United Kingdom recently, according to Google’s Book Search project. We’re listed in the Top 10 most viewed texts in English on Google http://books.guardian.co.uk/news/articles/0,,1888464,00.html . What an honor to be in the same list as Webster’s Dictionary and Noam Chomsky. Our editor thought it was pretty cool, too. That’s all for now.

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