Kyoto Cruiser Trike, decals are here!

Kyoto Cruiser Trike

As I type this, Brad is typing away at the Kyoto Cruiser Trike download to be released this week. It’s a good week to hang out in front of the computer since it’s raining, cloudy and generally dreary outside. A typical fall day. Last week’s snow didn’t stay on the ground and the weather over the weekend was still tolerable to do some yard work and go for a long walk. No biking last weekend, though (sigh).

It’s almost 7 pm and it’s getting pretty dark outside. When we change the clocks back on Oct. 29 (“fall back”), it will be dark by 6 pm, then by 5 pm in late November. I’ve never really understood the need to change the clocks back an hour in the fall. Maybe someone can post an explanation in the Garage Hacker’s Chat forum. The sooner it gets darker outside, the harder it is to stay motivated, don’t you think? Make you just want to curl up in a blanket with a hot cup of tea and hibernate for the next six months.

I’m already yawning and it’s only 7 pm! Guess I’d better finish off my work for the day and go for a walk.

We really can’t complain much about the weather here. We do have some intense summer and winter storms, although this summer was full of tornado and severe weather activity. In my youth, I remember wearing jackets in September as we were heading back to school, usually crisp mornings with frost and even snow on the ground. Most October months were cold, rain, snow, sleet, and Halloween was rarely a good night for Trick or Treating. We usually wore snow pants and long underwear underneath our costumes, and it took several cups of hot chocolate after our treat collecting to warm the chill from our bones.

Over 20 years later, the intense cold weather and snow seem to take their time to infiltrate our region. Two years ago, we had an unusual warm spell in January, all of the snow melted and we wore t-shirts outside! We have had many Christmas holidays without snow, even green grass. The following spring and summer were brutal for forest fires, though, and lake and river levels were extremely low. Global warming? You be the judge.

Received the decals yesterday and they are now in the Atomic Zombie store so check ’em out. They are designed to fit on typical square and conduit (EMT) tubing on bikes, trailers, bumpers, wherever. Have a great night.