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Kyoto Cruiser Trike

It’s +4°C but sunny and not too bad for late October. Yesterday we took some videos and photos of us riding our new Kyoto Cruiser Trike. Of course, yesterday was bitterly cold and windy, much too chilly for video and photo shoots, but we had to get them done as soon as possible. As you can see from the pictures, the grass is still green and no snow yet. Thank goodness for the hub motor! The wind was gusting so strong at times that it was hard to keep our eyes open. It does help us get going from a dead stop and against the wind. And, when we need to get somewhere faster – like home when it’s freaking cold out – it’s a real asset to our trike.

We really like how it handles on our streets, potholes, cracks, bumps and all. We ride pretty fast most times, enough to work up a sweat and feel the burn in your legs. You know that you’ve been pedaling hard when you dismount the bike and your legs feel like rubber. It’s great being able to have a conversation with your riding partner without having to yell and being able to pedal at your own pace thanks to the independent front and rear shifting systems. That’s one of the features that I really appreciate. I like to choose my own gears and pedal at my own pace. This is an awesome feature, especially when climbing hills. We hope to get more videos soon to highlight the trike’s hill climbing capabilities.

Plus, Brad (the driver) is the one who controls the hub motor and steers to make sure that the right tire clears curbs and gutters, and keeps a lookout for vehicles backing up, turning in front of us from the right, and so on. When riding the trike by yourself, the driver is always in control and can easily travel distances solo with the help of the hub motor when needed. I feel confident riding this trike by myself.

Because it takes up more than half of a standard traffic lane, gas powered vehicles tend to change lanes rather than try to squeeze us into the curb, something that often happens on two-wheeled bikes. I hope that we see more of these on our roads so that gas powered vehicle drivers will get used to us sharing the road.

It’s pretty awesome seeing people’s reactions as we cruise around, even though a crossing guard smiled, “Oh, that’s cute!” Um, cute? We prefer “cool” and let me tell ya, we were more than cool yesterday! I had a chill all afternoon and evening. Note to self: next time wear long underwear and a scarf or face mask. But, overall it was worth it as we rode past a transport truck driving school and got several thumbs up and cheers from the drivers.

Now you can build your own style of Kyoto Cruiser Trike and join the Kyoto Cruiser Trike forum. It’s going to be awesome seeing other trikes like this in the Builder’s Gallery and on the roads soon!