Halloween, Meridian Recumbent coming soon

Kyoto Cruiser Trike

Here we are already, the last day of October. This year sure has flown by fast. It seems like only yesterday we were talking about what we wanted to accomplish this year. We still have more projects to get done, but I heard on the radio that snow is on its way today or tomorrow, maybe even up to a foot! Geesh, I was kind of hoping it would hold off for at least another couple of weeks to do some more riding on our Kyoto Cruiser Trike.

We were planning to participate in a Halloween themed Critical Mass ride last Friday organized by the RUBiking club at Lakehead University, but an hour before the ride began, it poured rain, effectively putting a damper on that. Too bad; we were looking forward to it.

It’s a chilly -6 and very windy today, gusting up to 52km/h (32mph), but the sun is out so maybe the Trick or Treaters will have a good night after all.

I bought some treats for a few kids on our street who come by every year to show us their costumes. I made them special goodie bags, and that’s the extent of our candy giving. Not many youngsters on our block, and we end up eating most of the treats ourselves anyway, so this year I only bought for the few kids we know. One year we had an elaborate interactive computer animated ghoul that Brad created to greet Trick or Treaters when they came to the door. We had fun doing it, but it was alot of work for only two dozen visitors that came to the door. Another year, we had an interactive robot, VGER, hand out treats. This year, we simply ran out of time to plan something. The usual too much to do, so little time. But, at least we do have the garage heated this year so no matter how cold it gets outside, it will be toasty warm inside. Brad can keep building projects throughout the winter, the first time since working on Bicycle Builder’s Bonanza several years ago.

The next project is called the Meridian Recumbent, a cross between the Marauder Lowracer and WildKat Recumbent. The frame is done and the wheels are on. Brad’s working overtime to get it done for next week so we can take some photos and videos outside. Speaking of videos, check out the new footage we shot over the weekend of the Kyoto Cruiser Trike’s climbing and off-road adventures. You can’t really tell how steep that hill really is, but believe me, I’ve seen many people barely make it to the top on their upright bikes, especially while riding against gusting wind, like it was on that day we shot the video. It was gusting so fiercely that I had to brace myself against a pole, then on the ground, to minimize camera shake. I like the off-road footage the best as it shows how well the trike handles and turns sharp corners with ease. I just wish we were heading into summer, rather than winter.

Brad is working on a body design to build over the winter for the trike and a camper trailer that we will pull behind us. Will keep you posted as those projects progress. Back to work…Happy Halloween!



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