Meridian and Bandito recumbent bikes, freaky tees


Two new members of the Atomic Zombie Extreme Machines krew will be ready to meet the world in the next week. The Meridian Long Wheel Base Recumbent and Bandito Short Wheel Base Recumbent bikes are done, painted and photographed. Videos will be up this week, either Wednesday or Thursday.

The downloads will be available early next week. Announcements will be posted here and in the Forum. Each of these bikes took about four days to build, including painting. Yes, once you get the hang of welding and basic bike building you can build something like the Meridian and Bandito in a matter of days, not weeks. I am really looking forward to starting my welding lessons in January. It will definitely help pass the time during the cold, dark winter days.

Of course, Brad has been zipping around the neighborhood and recreation trails trying the new bikes out. I like the designs and adjustable bottom brackets so that anyone can ride them, regardless of their leg length – something that us vertically challenged folks appreciate! I love the Bandito’s color. Hope we use it on other projects, too.

Plus, I prefer to be higher than lowracers like the Marauder, especially in traffic. I generally don’t trust gas powered vehicle drivers around here. But, I do feel confident riding these two recumbents because you sit high enough so that other vehicles on the road will see you as well – hopefully. Pretty impressive the speed you can crank out on the Meridian and Bandito. I can work up quite a sweat on each of them, and they handle exceptionally well, even on our horrible roads. If only it was spring!

The rush has been on to get as many projects done as possible before snow covers the ground for a few months or more. Brad has been burning the midnight oil, pulling many late nights and weekends to keep up the pace.

Yesterday felt like spring. It was nice to go for a long walk with the dog and enjoy the sunshine. Even today, the sun is shining, the sky is clear and the air is crisp, but not cold (about -4 C).

Next on the list is an in-line tandem trike, winter bike/trike, chopper and tadpole trike. We’ll be working throughout the winter and posting projects as they’re finished.

Cheers to the Freak Bike Militia – Golden Horseshoe Cruisers for sending us a couple of cool shirts from their Halloween Cruise last month. Awesome of you to think of us, even though we couldn’t join you. Thanks dudes!

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