Bike projects coming, New York Bike Kill, winter is here

Having fun with my new spy camera.

Yeah, I can already hear you – “Where are the new videos and downloads?” We’ve had some technical problems that had to be fixed first so we’re a week behind. Just because you need to do something right away, stuff breaks down, computers run out of memory, hard drives run out of space, software glitches take hours to figure out, you know, everything just seems to go wrong. So, this week and upcoming weekend will be spent editing the videos and getting the Meridian Long Wheel Base Recumbent and Bandito Short Wheel Base Recumbent downloads done. But, some good things have happened recently that outweigh the negative stuff.

Toronto based artist Janet Attard sent us some cool black and white photos taken by Martin of Cine Cycle when they were in New York recently for the Bike Kill in Brooklyn. You can see lots of pics and vids on YouTube and Flickr. Just type in key phrases like “Bike Kill New York” and you’ll get tons of info. This annual full-day block party event features home built chops, tall bike jousting and lots more. Some very interesting and wild bike creations at that event.

Just signed on with McGraw-Hill to do another book, 51 High-Tech Practical Jokes for the Evil Genius. There will be all kinds of projects for beginners to advanced tinkerers, even a chapter on Halloween projects to scare the bejeezes out of unsuspecting trick or treaters. This one will be alot of fun to do. Now all we have to do is round up a group of “victims” to try our pranks on. It will be out in September 2007.

Won a prize from Instructables last month (thanks, Eric). A set of sunglasses and spy camera from Spy Gear. I know they’re made for kids, but I’ve been having a blast snapping pics. The resolution is 640 x 480 dpi and the unit holds 20 color pictures, so it’s pretty decent. Wish there was something like this around when I was a kid. Well, I get to regress back to my childhood and play around with my new toy. Beats doing boring paperwork!

Weatherwise, the weekend was pretty decent. Saturday was warm enough to get some yard work done and clean the truck inside and out, the house windows, bag leaves and twigs. Sunday was nice, too, sunny and bright. Felt good to go for a long walk and soak in some rays. I enjoy walking. It seems as though winter arrives pretty late in recent years. We haven’t had much rain this fall, causing water shortages in rural areas, brush fires and prompting our city to issue water conservation warnings. Today, it’s cold, freezing rain and dull. This is the type of weather we used to have throughout the fall, but it’s really quite late. No sense complaining. Winter happens – eventually.

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