Project updates, flu season strikes

This week hasn’t been very productive thanks to technical issues and the flu. We’ve both been battling the flu and fatigue for most of the week, but things are much better today. We’re trying to get the Meridian and Bandito recumbent downloads ready before Christmas, but no guarantees. Work has been extremely busy as everyone tries to wrap up various commitments before the end of 2006. Too much on the go and little sleep thanks to software upgrades on our site that suddenly had to be done. Technology can be such a time consuming pain!

We will have a new forum launched in a month with lots of cool features. We’re working on that right now whenever we have some “spare” time.

I decided not to embark on my shopping journey last weekend. I went out one evening this week and it was pretty uneventful. No horror stories of psycho shoppers, no long lines, no grumps – nothing! The stores we went to were surprisingly quiet. I know it’s only the beginning of December, but this was quite unusual for this time of year. I’ll bet that Wal-Mart was crazy, though, despite the frigid temps -28C.

Yep, welcome to winter in Northwestern Ontario. Only 3.5 more months of winter to go! Actually, if you dress appropriately in layers of clothing and keep yourself covered, especially while outside, it’s not really that bad. Getting into a frozen vehicle isn’t fun, though. It sometimes takes 10-15 minutes before the heat begins to kick in. Makes defrosting the windows a challenge. Those of you who live in warmer climates must shake your heads in disbelief. Why would anyone want to live in this frozen wasteland?

Well, the standard of living is pretty reasonable, compared to large metropolitan cities. Lots of housing that’s reasonable in price (for the most part). We’re a few minutes’ drive to parks, camping, lakes, rivers and awesome outdoor activities. It takes only 35 minutes to drive from one end of the city to the other. We don’t have hurricanes, avalanches, or volcanoes. Earthquakes, tornadoes and flooding are rare. Excellent health care system, compared to many parts of the world. Excellent post-secondary education – Lakehead University and Confederation College. Lots of outdoor and indoor recreation, year ’round events. Great summers for camping and gardening. The list goes on and on. I guess it’s not so bad living here. It’s just hard to remember why we choose to live here when the temp is  -35C and the car won’t start.

Today was amazing!  +4C and sunny all day. Went for a long walk, shoveled some snow and helped with some garage cleaning. All in all a great day.

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