Deep freeze

Holy icicles, Batman, it’s sure cold here now! I didn’t order this weather, but it sure has hit us hard for over a week. It’s a snappy 27°C today, a little warmer from the -30s last week. Yes, you are reading that right. Imagine this – parts of Manitoba, Alberta and Saskatchewan have been colder than -40. A major snowstorm in the west last week claimed several lives, tornado-like winds in BC and ice storms in the mid-US. What the heck is going on this year? Nasty. Hope you’re safe and warm wherever you are.

There’s not much else to report on, other than Brad is still working on the Bandito and Meridian downloads, and not doing very much in the garage these days, obviously. Might have to hold off on my welding training until this deep freeze ends, even though we have heat in the garage, it’s still pretty damp. I’m not feeling inspired today, so back to some paperwork. Oh, the joys.

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