Bike Builders’ Gallery, updates, skating on Lake Superior

Hey everyone. Finally, we are getting a break from the intense cold. The little snow we have is melting every day. Could spring really be on its way? I’ll believe it when the tulips are popping up. Working lots of hours on the 51 High-Tech Practical Jokes book to get it done as soon as possible. The Builders’ Gallery has been updated over the past couple of days, so check out the newest entries. Sorry it’s taken so long to get your projects included.

We’ve been so overwhelmed with technical crap lately that’s eaten into our spare time. Instead of working on books and projects, we’ve had to divert attention to computer- and software-related glitches that have really been a pain to deal with, but necessary. So, keep sending in your pictures and info. for the Builders’ Gallery. Your bikes – choppers, tandems, trikes, tall bikes, lowracers, unicycles, spincycles, etc. – are amazing!

We took some time this past weekend to hang out with some friends on Lake Superior – literally. The ice is pretty thick so they had an ice shack heated with a wood stove, ATV’s, ice fishing, hockey, skating, food. Had a good time. Nice to get out in the outdoors and hang out for awhile. Brad even skated for the first time ever! Only fell a couple of times. Not too bad for a newbie!

Brad's first time skating - ever. That's me on the left, offering skating tips.


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