Be careful what you wish for, new chopper soon

I have a confession to make. I secretly wished for snow recently and guess what we got a week ago? Yes, we got just over 2 feet of the white stuff. Why did I wish for snow? Well, water tables, lake and river levels are very low, and there have already been some forest fires in the region due to dry conditions. If we don’t get enough snow and rain over the next few months, summer will be dry and terrible for forest fires. When summer is short where you live you can appreciate the importance of camping – campfire and all. When forest conditions are dry, fire bans are implemented and that means no campfires.

Now, the freezing rain has begun again. Ugh. Makes walking and driving very treacherous. But, I’ve heard that spring might be just around the corner.

The water table around here is very low and it will be another summer of severe water restrictions unless things change drastically. Plus, I’d rather have snow than -30 C to -45 C temps, even though it has been pretty cold this week in the -20s.

We were luckier than alot of regions in the US and eastern Canada that got pummeled by snow, high winds and tornadoes. So, enough of the weather already!

There will be a new awesome chopper, The Black Pearl, making its debut this spring, in May or June. I have seen some of the preliminary sketches, and believe me, this chopper is even more over the top than OverKill. More info. on The Black Pearl will be coming over the next couple of months.

Making more headway on the 51 High-Tech Practical Jokes book, busy with our regular jobs, and itching to get into the garage. The backyard is full of water and ice right now. Even the dog isn’t thrilled about going outside. Hope it all melts away soon so we can get on with some bike projects. Stay tuned!


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