Gallery updates, new recumbent, welcome to spring!

Here we are less than two weeks from the beginning of April and guess what just happened – yep, more snow! I know, I asked for it weeks ago, but come on! Yesterday was pretty weird. -22 C in the morning, then warmed up a bit, some snow, then windy, then warmer, then freezing rain, followed by thunder and lightening and more freezing rain. Now, it’s raining. I can’t remember the last time we’ve had such weird weather. So much for being +8 C today, I think it got as high at +4 C. Oh well, can’t complain considering the severe weather conditions east and south of us.

I guess the world didn’t come to an end with the early Daylight Savings time change recently. I prefer this earlier time change anyway. It helps get you motivated with it’s light earlier in the morning until early evening. Don’t tell George W. Bush this, but I actually agree with him on setting the clocks forward one hour three weeks earlier this year.

Yes, in addition to a new chopper, Brad’s worked out a plan for a new overseat steering recumbent that we will build together (yet to be named). Since I have yet to start on my welding lessons, it will be a good project for me to get started on. We have almost all of the parts together, just waiting for the weather to co-operate for the annual garage spring cleaning to make room for this year’s builds.

The Builder’s Gallery was updated today, so be sure to check them out. There is so much creativity out there, keep sending in those pictures!

Cheers to our buddy and Atomic Zombie forum member, Tiny Neutrino, who is planning an extensive sailing excursion across the Pacific Ocean on a homebuilt raft. Keep us posted “Tiny”!

Thanks also for all of the wonderful emails, gifts, invitations, letters and blog entries we’ve received from many Atomic Zombie krew members. Sometimes our lives are so hectic, it’s impossible to thank each of you personally, so here’s a big Thank You to everyone.


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