Spring is finally here – I need a bike!


I can’t believe it – I think that spring has finally arrived. There’s no snow in the yard and I’ve already started cleaning up the gardens and raked the lawn for the first time. The ground is still frozen in many areas, though.

Some crocuses and tulips are starting to poke through the soil and the sun has been out alot over the past few days. Is this a dream, or is winter finally over? Let’s hope so.

Someone is itching to get the garage cleaned and organized for this year’s bike projects, and someone else is anxious to start learning how to weld. Oh, the things I plan to make!

It better happen soon ’cause I don’t have a bike to ride this year yet! My WildKat recumbent, which was built last spring, has been recycled to make room for more bikes, so I am currently bike-less.

Dude, I need some wheels!


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