Tragedy strikes, Tadpole Trike project begins

Camping in May

Well, it was an interesting weekend, to say the least. To celebrate the completion of 51 High-Tech Practical Jokes – it’s done, it’s done, it’s done!!!! – we decided to take the Duct Tape Palace (aka The House of Cloth) out for its first camping trip this year. We chose a provincial park about an hour’s drive from town where it would be quiet so we could relax and spend some time chillin’. Little did we know how chillin’ we would really be.

Many nearby forest fires forced the Ministry of Natural Resources to impose fire bans throughout most of the region. We knew that there was a good chance we couldn’t have campfires over the weekend. Indeed, the ban continued all weekend despite some rain on Saturday. So, there we were – AZ, KoolKat and the Prince of Dogness – huddled together in our House of Cloth, under half a dozen blankets and heater blasting on high, watching Friends episodes on our archaic DVD player, which refused to work one night, probably due to the cold.

Yes, icicles did form above our heads due to the condensation from our breath while were sleeping, and we’re all trying to shake the chills from three days and nights of sub-zero temps, rains and wearing layers of clothing all of the time. Yes, it rained and snowed twice. We must be crazy to subject ourselves to this unpredictable weather every year, but what else can you do on a long weekend!? Despite the chilliness, we did relax, saw many deer, a rabbit, a raccoon, walked around the park and did enjoy a couple of days of sunshine.

We did have a tragedy on Friday that put a damper all weekend. Brad brought his buddy Sparky to tool around the park since he’s a silent little dude, but tragedy struck, and an ear-shattering boom disrupted the evening tranquility. Poor Sparky blew a rear tire in a spectacular explosion, leaving Brad to push the bike back to the campsite, a long walk from where the tragedy took place. The rear tire is beyond repair; it blew up pretty good.Maybe it’s time to reincarnate Sparky into another electric vehicle. Guess that’s what happens when you buy crap tires from Crappy Tire (Canadian Tire). This time, we’ll invest in higher quality wheels.

So, now that we’re back in the swing of things and thawing out, you know what this means – it’s BIKE BUILDING TIME, BABY!

The first project will be the Streetfox Tadpole Trike, which will include rear suspension. I really took a liking to Brad’s DeltaWolf Trike, so I get to have a trike of my own.  I did like my WildKat Recumbent last year, but I really like trikes right now. After cruising around on the Kyoto Cruiser Trike, last year, I want my own. When I have the garden completely planted, then I’ll start my welding lessons, too. I can hardly wait. Updates on this project will be posted here and in the forum.

Freak Bike Militia – Golden Horseshoe Cruisers will be holding their second annual Hamilton Beach Cruise and Can-Am ChallengeJuly 20 & 21, Oakville, Ontario. For more information, contact and check out the flyer . Last year’s event was a success, so join the fun and good times. We will get there some day, Tony, I promise!


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