LongRanger Electric Bike is alive!

LongRanger Electric Bike

Another addition to the Atomic Zombie Extreme Machines family is now available for download. A few weeks ago, we took The LongRanger Electric bike out to camp for more photos and give it a real run for several days. It performed well beyond our expectations. Barely used any battery juice at all, which was amazing considering Brad drove the bike for hours, even pulling someone on a scooter and me on the back of the seat while he sat on a pillow place precariously atop the battery cage. I don’t recommend doing that for long haul rides, though.

It was funny watching riders on those store bought electric scooters and bikes barely make it up small hills, having to get off and push most of the way while we zipped on by effortlessly.

Plus, we didn’t get any of those annoying looks that people on gas powered scooters and bikes get in a normally tranquil campground. There were a couple of gas powered scooters that were so annoying to campers that the park rangers asked them to park them permanently for the duration of their stay. We laughed among ourselves that no one had a problem with our LongRanger.

Even took it to a spot where some bikers were soaring off small jumps and hills. The BMX-ers were totally impressed with it. Before long, our campsite was popular, with visitors asking all about the LongRanger and where they could buy one.

Sorry, we don’t sell the finished bikes, only the plans so you can make your own. So, there you have it. Another mission accomplished. Oh, and thanks to those of you who voted for the StreetFighter Cycle Car. Building will commence when the StreetFox Tadpole Trike is done! And, to those of you who might think you don’t have time to build your own custom human powered vehicles, we do all of this stuff in our spare time. If we can do it, so can you! Cheers, friends.


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