A new year, a lot do do

Here we are already in another year. 2008 marks the 8th anniversary of the birth of Atomic Zombie Extreme Machines, and we’re glad to still be around doing what we love to do. Looking back over the past eight years, we never dreamed we’d get this far and have so many friends worldwide sharing our interests and passions. Technology, although frustrating at times, has allowed all of us to connect, share and find common bonds, no matter how far apart we live and work. Thanks to all of you who dare to dream, create and persevere.OK, now that the mushy stuff is done, Happy New Year everyone! There will be many more projects on the Atomic Zombie sketch pad, but first, we are working on a new forum software and hope that the current discussion threads can be seamlessly integrated into the new software. Somehow that task seems impossible at this point, given the frustration level of technology. We may have to archive previous threads, but we’re not sure yet. I’ll bet there will be many late nights of consuming gallons of coffee to get everything sorted out, so bear with us if things seem a bit bumpy for the next month or so. Glitches are bound to happen.

We are also working on a new store layout that will take some time to get fixed up and running smoothly. This project will take some time, so don’t expect any miracles until some time in February. Will have more info. to report next month.

Since we’re in the early stages of winter, the Atomic Zombie garage will officially open in March. We have a couple of feet of snow, but temps have been pretty mild so far. It’s expected to get bitterly cold later this week in the -20s Celsius. Brrr!  Hope those of you enduring wicked weather, especially our southern neighbors, are doing OK. You’re in our thoughts.

Stay tuned for the launch of the StreetFighter Cycle Quad, to be launched late next week. Just wasn’t enough time before Christmas to get it written up and online. There will be an announcement in the Forum when it’s available next week. The Builder’s Gallery is also being updated over the next week. It will take some time to get everyone’s submitted photos up, but it’s on my To Do list this week and next week.

Bike, Scooter, and Chopper Projects for the Evil Genius is tentatively scheduled for late April/early May release. Will post more updates when they become available. So far, we have no plans to do another book this year to focus on the Atomic Zombie projects and expand our little community. Feel free to recruit more garage hackers and send them this way. The more brains we have working together, the more we can accomplish together. Let’s make 2008 the Year of the Zombie!

Cheers, friends.


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