StreetFighter Quad Cycle now online!

The StreetFighter Quad Cycle is finally online and already creating a buzz. This will be the last big project until we thaw from the deep freeze. Can’t build in the garage when it’s in the -30s and -40s Celsius. Even the kerosene heater can’t keep up with frigid temps. The StreetFighter was a suggestion by one of our Atomic Zombie Krew members – SirJoey – last year. It took longer than expected to get done, between other projects and books, but what a major accomplishment!

The Builder’s Gallery was updated recently with a record 35 new projects. Many cool builds, including some amazing clones of Marauder, Meridian, StreetFox, Bandito, Sparky, DeltaWolf and OverKill. Alot of incredible talent out there, so keep up the great work, everyone.

More software upgrades over the next couple of months that will keep us up many late nights, but necessary to keep things going along smoothly.

The latest Atomic Zombie newsletter is also online,

Stay warm, friends.


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