Marauder Reloaded almost done

It’s a dreary day, some snow in the morning and rain, but still chilly. It’s been raining for over a day, but the sun is finally trying to come out, although it’s too late in the day to really get out there and enjoy it. Still need to wear a warm jacket.

Yes, it’s hard to believe that a few days in the garage means another bike is nearing completion. What a change from a month ago when we were still getting snow and sub-zero temperatures. Brad spent an entire weekend cleaning and re-organizing the garage, then started right away on the Marauder Reloaded. He’s been working on this design for well over a year.

Since last month, we finished up some minor house renovations and gearing up for this season’s building extravaganza. A bit behind on the build schedule, but hope to have the Lode Runner Delta Trike done in June, followed by the Black Pearl Chopper.

Still no update on the second payment processor on the store due to more delays. Wish we could do that stuff ourselves; it would be done by now. But, have to wait a little longer for them to get it together. In the meantime, payments are still being accepted through PayPal or with a credit card.

The Builder’s Gallery was recently updated with dozens of awesome creations, so check it out.

Not much more to report right now, but stay tuned for the unveiling of the new Marauder Reloaded Lowracer in the next few weeks.

Tonight’s dinner will be Chicken Almond Khorma, recipe courtesy of our forum member TheVictim. This is the second time I’ve made it, and it’s easy, as well as delicious. We welcome anyone to post their favorite recipes, too.

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