Marauder Reloaded done, Lode Runner Delta Trike very soon!

Whoa! Over a month ago we still had snow, but today, the grass is green, flowers in full bloom…ahh, yes, summer is finally on the way. What a difference a month makes. Still pretty chilly most evenings with occasional frost, but the veggie garden is growing quite well. Many tulips and daffodils still in full bloom. Still leery about putting in the tomato plants until the weekend, where we should have temps in the high 70’s to mid-80’s. Not too shabby.

Our latest book, Bike, Scooter and Chopper Projects for the Evil Genius, came out late last month, and Brad with his World Record SkyCycle (2003) was featured in a new book on Page 6 entitled, Crazy Canadian Trivia 3 by Pat Hancock, published by Scholastic Canada Ltd., ISBN 978-0-545-99995-3. It’s a really neat book with loads of interesting stuff. Wish we had something like this when we were kids. Did you know that actor James Doohan (Enterprise engineer “Scotty” in the Star Trek TV series and movies) was a Canadian whose cremated ashes were launched into space last year? Now you do!

It’s been a very busy month in the garage. The Marauder Reloaded recumbent is done, and the Lode Runner Delta Trike should be painted this weekend. The Marauder is a new and improved design of the original 2003 Marauder Lowracer featured in Atomic Zombie’s Bicycle Builder’s Bonanza. The Lode Runner Delta Trike is designed to support heavier riders who want to be at eye level with motorized vehicles and also for hauling cargo.

Since many of us feel more stable riding trikes as we get older, the Lode Runner is a great bike for short and long haul rides, with two rear disc brakes and parking brake. Should be taking it for a test ride tomorrow, then priming and painting over the weekend. I like the seat and rear cargo area. Might as well take advantage of the cooler temps right now, since the garage will be in the 90’s and over 100 in late July.

Once the final pics are done, Brad plans to hide in his room for a few days writing them up. They will be available for download in a week or so. Stay tuned to the forum for announcements. Been reading about the nasty weather affecting our southern neighbors in the US. Hope you are doing OK. Our thoughts are with you.


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