Electric bike journey, DeltaRunner Trike coming soon

Yikes! The summer is closing in fast. Just seemed like we got some nice weather and the cold temperatures have suddenly moved in. What happened to summer? Methinks it forgot about us here. Oh well, Brad has been able to get many projects done this summer, and three or four slated for this fall. He is currently writing the DeltaRunner Trike. It’s similar to the DeltaWolf Speed Trike with a higher seating position, front suspension and a 26 inch front wheel. The DeltaRunner plan should be available for download in a couple of days.

Last week we had an interesting visitor, Justin Lemire. He’s on a cross-country journey from British Columbia to Halifax, Nova Scotia on an electric bike, over 6,500 km. He happened to email us last week as he drove into our city and came over that night. He and Brad chatted for hours about bikes, electronics, environmental issues and the Atomic Zombie way of doing things to increase recycling, thinking outside the box and boosting interest in garage hacking and getting “back to basics”.

We offered the use of our Duct Tape Palace tent trailer so Justin could get a well deserved night’s rest. He has a hammock and sleeping bag, stopping along the TransCanada Highway catching some sleep when he can. He left BC in late July and expects to be in Halifax by the end of September. After a good sleep, a light breakfast, and another two-hour chat, he was on his way, accompanied by Brad on his Silent Speedster Electric Scooter to show Justin the way back to Highway 17 east.

It was a great visit, and we hope to keep in touch with Justin. He has so many amazing stories and pictures of his journey. Hope he writes a book or detailed blog once he returns to BC. It’s a once in a lifetime chance to travel this great country and meet all sorts of people. Glad he took the chance to fire off an email to us (thanks, Joshua for suggesting he contact the Atomic Zombie krew).

Also, recently updated the Builders Gallery . Many awesome recumbents, choppers, trikes, tall bikes, electric bikes, tandems and crazy bikes. Another update will be online next week. This is turning into a full-time job!



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