CycleBully Electric Trailer, kudos, journey complete, advertising

Again, another year is closing in fast and there’s a chill in the air signaling that winter is on the way. It wasn’t the best summer here weather-wise, but we sure did get many projects done in the garage despite the late start in June. I guess we shouldn’t complain much, considering the natural disasters and strife around the world. At least we have a roof over our heads we can afford and food in the cupboards.

Brad got the CycleBully Electric Trailer completed recently and it’s now available on the Atomic Zombie store. It took a little longer than expected to get finished, but well worth the effort. It can be used alternatively between recumbents, delta trikes and upright cycles, capable of carrying about 200 pounds of goods. We’ve been testing it now for over a week and it handles beautifully, even on our horrible streets. No tipping, handles corners effortlessly at decent speeds, no drag at all, keeps up to traffic when needed, just an overall excellent electric assist utility trailer that pushes you around when you need that extra boost. Hence the project name CycleBully. Get it?

A hearty congratulations to Justin Lemire who successfully rode his electric recumbent bike across Canada from Vancouver, British Columbia to Halifax, Nova Scotia. Despite some nasty headwinds, hurricane and powerful storms from Ontario to Nova Scotia, Justin completed his journey and kept posting updates and pictures along the way to a forum, . Many of us have been tuning in daily to catch the latest updates. It was our pleasure to have Justin stay with us last month overnight. A rare opportunity to meet someone so down-to-earth, intelligent and interesting to converse with. Hope we cross paths with him again soon. Here are the stats of his journey that he provided recently on that forum:

Total Distance: 7110 km
Total Energy Used: 100.7 kWh

Total Energy Bill: $ 8.57
Captured Regen Energy: 2.4 kWh
Net Energy Used: 98.3 kWh
Average Speed: 33.4 km/h
Energy Usage: 13.8 Wh/km
# of awesome people: countless


Kudos to Toronto bike artist and enthusiast, Janet, who recently uploaded two stencil inspired by Atomic Zombie’s Bicycle Builders Bonanza on her Flickr photo album. Thanks Janet!


Also, kudos to a brand new magazine based in Toronto, Dandyhorse. Janet sent us a copy of the premier issue last month and it’s a quality piece of work.

We have started a new Classified Advertising section in the Atomic Zombie forum. Some folks have been asking us about advertising on our site, so if you would like more information on submitting Classified Ads, please contact the Classified Advertising Manager.

The October 2008 newsletter is now online at , and the Builder’s Gallery was updated on September 17. More updates will be done over the next week, so stay tuned to the Support Forum for updates.

Next up in the Atomic Zombie garage, a short wheel based recumbent and a winter bike, similar to the Hammerhead. We’re frantically trying to wrap things up this season. It’s always a rush at this time of the year, but we manage to squeak by. Keep up the great work, everyone! Whew! That was a long entry.


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