HighRoller Short Wheel Base Recumbent plan online, changes

Yay, the HighRoller Short Wheel Base Recumbent Racer is now available for download! I know, it took longer than expected, but the weather has been so unpredictable, after several false starts, we finally got a decent full day to take some of the bikes to a quiet spot for some pictures and videos. We got the remaining pictures and videos of the CycleBully Electric Trailer, DeltaRunner Trike, and HighRoller. Brad is now editing the videos and adding music as I type this. There will be another announcement when the videos are done.

Whew! It has seemed like such a busy year, and we’re proud of the collection of project plans we have completed so far. There are so many more ideas on the Atomic Zombie sketchpad, and at least another one or two to complete by the end of this year. There will definitely be a winter bike, but depending on if and when we get snow, might not be able to post the plan until January. We definitely will need snow on the ground for that one.

Back to the HighRoller, this recumbent bike has some interesting features, including its reclined seat, high bottom bracket and handlebar position. Not only is it comfortable, the rider is also visible to traffic and can turn corners at pretty decent speeds without needing to slow down. You really can achieve some impressive speed on this one, and get a great workout at the same time. It’s a simple, efficient design. We hope you like it.

Not only is the weather quickly changing and turning cold, we changed our clocks back an hour earlier this morning for Daylight Saving Time. Unfortunately, this means that it’s completely dark by 6:30 pm. What a bummer! This time of year always messes me up. My sleep patterns will be out of whack all week. That hour change does not make us outdoors people very happy. It’s now 7 pm and I feel like going to bed! Definitely hard staying motivated in the evenings now, when you’re body is telling you to relax and go for a snooze.

However, some changes can be good; it all depends on your perceptions. Do you consider your cup to be half full or half empty? Changing jobs and changing where you live (even who you live with) can be scary and stressful at first, but sometimes we need change to re-focus, re-evaluate, or maybe embark upon a new journey in our lives. I’ve had my share of jobs, some of which I stayed at simply for the paycheck, but I sometimes wonder what I’d be doing right now if I stayed complacent and just “settled”, even though the pay of many jobs was pretty pathetic!

One thing is for sure, there are always opportunities for change, and I like to keep my options open. For many of us, gone are the days of being in the same job or with the same company for 15, 20, 25 or 30 years. We have to continually upgrade our skills and diversify to stay competitive in our respective careers. I’m glad that when opportunities come my way I’m more likely to say to myself, “Why not, you never know what might happen.” Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

“People do it everyday, they talk to themselves… they see themselves as they’d like to be, they don’t have the courage you have, to just run with it.” – Tyler Durden, Fight Club

Cheers, friends.

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