Year in review, Hammerhead Winter bike, kudos

Yes, the snow arrived two days ago, not much. Just a light dusting, but some pretty high windchill and cold temperatures, already -14 C (6.8 F). I was hoping for another three weeks before the ground froze, but so much for hope. Once again I can’t believe we’re almost done 2008. It’s been the busiest bike building season for us yet. We made a commitment to stay organized and on track, and are satisfied with how much we accomplished in mere months.

First, the Atomic Zombie forum was completely redone, although the glitches drove us nearly insane and we had to archive the old forum which didn’t sit well with everyone. We tried to import the old forum and members list, but the two software programs just didn’t get along. We’ll keep the archived one online for awhile yet.

Then, we completely changed the Atomic Zombie store and more headaches arose that delayed things for a few months. Finally got that sorted out and before we knew it, we had to make a book deadline for Bike, Scooters and Chopper Projects for the Evil Genius before the end of May.

That brought us into late spring and the pressure was on to get as many homebuilt bike projects done right away. This year was definitely focused on recumbents, as you will see by the list below. We plan on expanding more into electric bikes, trailers, scooters, and vehicles next year for sure. I was typing out the list and was impressed with how many bike builds there were this short season:

Marauder Reloaded
DeltaRunner Trike
LodeRunner Cargo Trike
HighRoller SWB Recumbent Racer
CycleBully Electric Cargo Trailer
TourMaster LWB Recumbent
Vigilante Chopper
Tradewinds Tandem

It’s amazing what someone can do in his spare time! Just imagine if we could do this stuff full-time! And, of course, eight new videos were filmed and edited, too. Brad does all of the editing and music himself.

If there’s enough time this year, the Hammerhead Winter Bike will be done, too. But that all depends on how the weather holds up. Even the kerosene heater in the garage can’t keep up when we reach the -20 C to -40 C range. No kidding! If Brad has his way, though, he’ll be in the garage every day trying to get it built before Christmas. Who knows, miracles can happen.

So, as you can tell, we’ve been very busy trying to get things rolling this year, and have many more plans in 2009. There will be more features added to the Builders Forum, and the Builders Gallery will be getting a complete make-over, too. I’m working on more gallery updates, and we hope to have a cool gallery software program installed early next year so it won’t take so long to update it. That’s the goal. Just not enough hours in the day to get everything done, but the gallery is important to us and our fellow garage hackers, so we are determined to find away to improve it and keep it updated.

Thanks to the folks at Bent Rider Online who showcased our HighRoller SWB Recumbent Racer on their site earlier this month, and said some nice things about the Atomic Zombie Krew.

Also, thanks again to The Best of Instructables Volume I: Do-It-Yourself Projects from the World’s Biggest Show & Tell for profiling our ChopWork Orange chopper in their book.

We have some exciting new projects slated for 2009, so stay tuned to the forum for updates.

Cheers, friends.


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