Season’s Greetings,, Kudos

Alrighty then. You know how many sleeps until Christmas. The crazy shopping season is upon us. Reading the news headlines makes me shake my head in disbelief. I’m trying to stay away from stores as much as possible. Yikes! Some people take Christmas way too seriously. Just makes you want to stay in the garage and hibernate until the insanity subsides. Same madness every year.

Hope that all of you celebrating Thanksgiving in the USA had an enjoyable and safe holiday. We enjoy reading about your adventures and misadventures while you work on your homebuilt bike projects. There’s alot of ingenuity out there, and it’s inspiring more people to join in this craft. Our community is growing each week, so spread the word!

We have a bit of snow on the ground, but not as much as other parts of the world, especially our southern neighbors. Sorry, folks! However, our time will come soon enough, as long as the freezing rain stays away. It is getting colder, though, enough to put on the long underwear on long walks. Only five months until spring!

As if we don’t enough on our plate, we decided to launch a new web site containing some do-it-yourself chopper and tall bike projects. Here’s the current list of 10 free projects (yes, they are absolutely free):

ChopWork Orange
Granny’s Nightmare
Mountain Lion
Tour de Hell

There are also sections on how to weld and bike hacking. We hope you enjoy these chopper and tall bike projects. More will be added throughout 2009. If there’s time over the next few weeks, maybe we’ll be able to convert each project to a PDF file. We’ll see. If not, that will be on the To Do list for 2009.

Not sure if the Hammerhead Winter Bike will be done this month, so stay tuned here and to the forum for announcements. If not, there’s always January.

Plus, the Builders Gallery was updated today, and there will be more updates this week.

Special thanks to all of you for being so cool and fun to be around, even though most of us don’t see each other face-to-face. Despite so many negative things going on around us, let’s strive to keep building our positive, friendly community.

A big Atomic Zombie thumbs up to Crank it Up Cycling for All in the UK (hi Chris) for their dedication to cycling, recycling, education and bike building. They’ve sent us some pictures of their homebuilt bike projects for our Builders Gallery and do many great projects in the communities of Halifax, Huddersfield & Bradford.

Cheers, friends.


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