Builders Gallery Updated Today

A dozen new additions to the Atomic Zombie Extreme Machines family – choppers, recumbents, trikes, quads and electric bikes. Check ’em out.

Keep sending in pictures of your completed human powered and electric vehicle projects.

We know there are many more submissions out there! We are looking for more pictures of lowracers, tall bikes and crazy bikes.

If you would like your own home built custom creations showcased in the Photo Gallery, please send:

  • one or two high resolution, sharp, clear .JPG pictures of your completed and painted projects

  • ensure that each picture is no more than 2MB in size, please

  • one picture will be for the thumbnail (about 150 dpi)

  • one picture will be for the full size picture (684 dpi)

  • the name(s) of your completed and painted projects

  • your name

  • your location (state/province and country)

The purpose of the gallery is to show various works from around the world to inspire and amaze other amateur builders. The gallery will be updated once a month, so check back often to see what other amateur bike, robot and electronic builders like you have created.   gallery (at)

Thanks for your support and contributions to the creative builder’s community. We look forward to seeing your ideas in motion!


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