E-Style Electric BMX

E-Style Electric BMX

The E-Style Electric BMX is a fast and rugged human/electric hybrid that operates without making any noise. For only a few pennies to fully charge the batteries, you can zip along on roads, bike paths, and off-road trails without bothering your neighbors at home or at the cottage. The E-Style BMX is perfect for the road, as well as the trail, and it allows you to slip silently along without even being noticed, which is a bonus in places where laws have yet to classify these small electric vehicles.

The E-Style BMX can be built to travel well over 30 miles (50 kilometers) on a single charge, and will do so at
speeds equal to or greater than some posted city speed limits. Because the E-Style BMX is built around the battery pack and the type of hub motor you choose, you can build the base vehicle to suit your needs, altering the top speed, acceleration, weight or range.

Many inexpensive electric scooters have chain driven drive wheels or gear reduction motors, so they make a lot of
noise, or suffer from inefficient power transfer, but the E-Style BMX features a quiet and efficient hub motor design that can spin up dirt and climb hills without any problems. The E-Style BMX looks much like a typical freestyle BMX, and includes all of the standard safety equipment, so you will be able to ride happily on public roadways and recreation trails without disturbing the peace. Because the pedals are still functional, the E-Style BMX also can be made legal in most places that now include electric assisted bicycles in their bylaws.

Every single step of the build is detailed using high resolution photos, and you will be given plenty of opportunity to modify this project to suit the type of hub motor and battery pack you plan to install, tailoring the type of acceleration, top speed and distance you need. Spin up the dirt, catch air, and ride where you want!


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