Viking recumbent tandam trike stupified

Well, it looks like Murphy wins today, so no test ride!

The entire Viking was going together perfectly and then without reason the under seat steering gooseneck clamp bolt just decided to become…stupid. Nice new bolt just seized right up so I ended up scratching the freshly painted handlebars, frame, and then skinned my knuckles just for good measure as the bolt finally snapped right off.

So now I have to pull apart the front to insert another brand new bolt. Perhaps tomorrow will be better… paint is now drying…yet again!

Murphy’s Law of stupification is a force to be reckoned with!

You can drop a 16 inch wrench on a new white garage floor and it will vanish. Four people can look for days and then after you have purchased a new one you will trip over the old one, break your ankle, fall into a moving lathe and then knock over your shop light so it falls directly into a can of solvent, starting a fire.

Once you finally un-snag your sleeve from the lathe, you run towards the fire extinguisher, tripping over the wrench one last time only to get there and realize that you originally needed that wrench to re-fit the extinguisher valve, which is now non-functional. All that remains after the blaze is the original wrench.

Ah, the good times!


And on that note – the song Stupified by the band Disturbed:

Spincycle stunt trike revisited

Hey Zombies! I’m Joel from New Zealand. Just joined the forum. I saw a video on your YouTube site for the SpinCycle. I want to know more about that bike! ~ Thanks, Joel.

Hey Joel. Here’s some more info. about the SpinCycle. It even spent some time at the Telus World of Science in Calgary a few years ago as part of a bicycling exhibit!

The SpinCycle is a radical front wheel drive stunt trike that offers a ride like nothing else on the planet. It rides much like any other bicycle, capable of respectable speed, but with a quick flick of the wrist, you are instantly sucked into a spinning vortex of insane G-force.

The great thing about this project is that it can be made using only a few bits of steel tubing, a pair of shopping cart caster wheels, and a recycled kid’s bicycle. You will need only a welder, grinder and a few nights work to create what will surely become your new favorite toy. Due to its extremely rugged construction, the SpinCycle can be enjoyed by all ages, and will easily take the abuse that us “big kids” will force it to endure.

Amaze your friends with five or more high speed 360s in a row, build a pair of SpinCycles and start a crazy racing circuit, scare your neighbors, or just have a whole lot of fun while you get a great workout. The SpinCycle is a forgiving project that can be built with just about any parts you can scrounge up, and leaves plenty of room for your own custom modifications and alterations.

Take a look at our Builder’s Gallery to see other SpinCycle examples, including many creative modifications to the plan. Our international builders community ranges from students to retired engineers, but they all have one thing in common – the desire to build their own stuff!

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Viking recumbent tandem trike – painting, waiting and wondering

The painting is done. Now the hard part – waiting for paint to cure before putting it all back together again for another test ride. Red paint tends to take longer to cure. It’s still tacky today, even though the garage temperature is ideal for drying paint, so have to resist the temptation to put all the bits and pieces back on. Had to dodge rain all day while painting the black pieces since I paint outside. Will have to wait until at least tomorrow afternoon to put it all together again and go for a longer ride.

Yellow seems to take at least a couple of days, too, yet orange, black, blue and white and green are normally dry to the touch in about a day. Strange.

If someone has an answer, please post it in the forum. I’d really like to know why!

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