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Michigan Human Powered Vehicle Rally

26th Annual Michigan HPV Rally – June 12-13, 2010

The 26th annual Michigan Human Powered Vehicle Rally will be June 12-13, 2010, at the Waterford Hills sports car racing track on the Oakland County Sportsmen’s Club grounds in Clarkston, near Pontiac.

The oldest such event in North America is open to riders of all human powered vehicles – recumbents, regular bicycles and tandems.

There are classes for streamlined, unstreamlined cycles, tandems, women, youth and tricycles. The rally is conducted using Human Powered Race – America rules ( Note: HPRA rules require all vehicles to have mirror/mirrors enabling rear vision to both sides. MHPVA News Blog: . (2008 rally photo by Jeff Hunn).

Meet Atomic Zombie bike builders and krew members

Forum name: Good Idea Guy

Stats: Single, 31-39

Location: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Occupation: Rug Cleaning Technician

How you found Atomic Zombie: Unsure, probably from another connected site

When joined the forum: 2007

Building bikes experience: Some previous experience

Welding experience: Some previous experience

Why did you join the Atomic Zombie builders community? Good ideas come from anywhere. One never knows where or when one will stumble over them. A forum dedicated to bicycle construction was the logical place to go. As bicycles are my primary means of transport, I need to keep abreast of possibilities. As I travel through life, I’m finding that fine tuning my bicycle needs are necessary (five years ago, I would never have forecast how useful a small folding bicycle would be). The forum helps me to mentally build the designs in my head before I commit them to paper.

Favorite type of bike: Fun/crazy

Why? I have in my mind a combination of the Kyoto Cruiser, Gladiator and the StreetFighter, along with a generous dash of the Arcturus Camper. It is a bicycle version of the Batmobile – Tumbler variant from the recent movies Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Possible names are the Streetfighter: Tumbler, Kyoto Tumbler, or just The Tumbler.

Current projects: Short wheel base recumbents, e-bikes, quadcycles, e-bikes, fun/crazy

Type of welding: Stick

Building challenges: Keeping up the momentum, proper planning

How have you overcome these challenges? Learning, reading

Advice for other bike builders: How long it takes to build something is usually up to you. This site is a font of good ideas. I really do need to do more messaging on the site. I don’t due to shyness & the usual ‘What if they think my idea is lame’ that all creative people have to go through. Having said that, it means alot to know that there is a place of helpful constructive (literally!) criticism that I can access to get my ideas out there. All I need to do is take the first step. That one’s always the hardest.

Suggested web sites:,,

More interesting stuff about you: I’m related on my mother’s side to the inventor George Westinghouse.  As seen above, I’m planning a build of an electric bicycle version of the Tumbler from Chris Nolan’s Batman movies.

Viking recumbent tandem trike update – got the blues?

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