Warrior recumbent tadpole trike from Argentina

“Hello, my name is Carlos Daniel and I live in Argentina province of Corrientes. I am 55 years old, and have long wanted to build a recumbent trike. I decided on the Warrior for its aesthetics and simplicity of materials.

I am in the early construction and I will take pictures of the progress of construction. I accept suggestions because I am a neophyte in this area.

I have in my house a saw sensitive MIG welder and 8 angle grinders, I have all the time for which a trike beautiful and aesthetic.

Regards, Carlos Daniel , Argentina”

Follow Carlos’ build blog:  http://forum.atomiczombie.com/showthread.php?t=4415

Choppified recumbent on the desert – AtomicZombie.com

~ Laszlo Csergo, Mechanic Supervisor, Taji,Iraq

Solar StreetFox recumbent tadpole trike, Show Stopper motorized custom bike

Solar Fox

Hi, I am a retired Electrician from England. Many thanks for your designs, really good. Keep up the good work.

Here is my version of the STREETFOX. I have named it SOLARFOX. It has a Currie 200 watt motor and 80 watts of Solar Panels. The panels are hinged and can be positioned at any angle, for recharging the battery when stopped.Top speed on the flat with power alone is 18.5 MPH. My garage has a clear plastic roof so I just park up and set the panels out horizontally to keep battery charged up.
~  Best regards, Trevor

The Show Stopper

Found your web site today from a post at motorbicycling.com.  Been planning on making my own frame for my next bike.  Your site was very inspirational…thank you!

Though my current bike isn’t as creative as most I saw on your site it still gets a lot of attention when I ride. Thought I’d send you a pic in hope of gathering some of that 15 min of fame.

Thanks again for your efforts!

Vorpal Blade long wheel base recumbent, a week at the cottage

“Hi Kat. Here’s my finished lowrider “Vorpal Blade” for the gallery. I trust you are both enjoying the holiday. Many thanks, Charles.”

Thanks, Charles. We had a great week by the lake in a cottage with family. The weather actually co-operated this year, compared to last year’s frigid temps!

Blueberries were in abundance and the sunsets spectacular almost every evening! Enjoyed the company of about a dozen ducks who came by the dock daily. Looks like that’s the only camping trip for us this year. So much to do before Old Man Winter returns and, so little time (sigh).

See the pictures: http://atomic-zombie-extreme-machines.blogspot.com/2010/08/vorpal-blade-long-wheel-base-recumbent.html

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BBQ bike – wild wacky bikes from Atomic Zombie builders

By Atomic-Zombie-Extreme-Machines

Bike builder and AZ krew member Srdavo shows us his one-of-a-kind BBQ bike!

“Here’s my SideCar grill. I can’t ride it….but a guy’s got to eat!!”   ~ Srdavo

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