We’re feeling a bit wiggy lately due to the heat like so many of you. It’s been so hot and humid, it’s literally driving us insane!

So, please feel free to take advantage of our crazy state of mind. This is a limited time only. Yep, you’re reading the ad right.

That’s 20 DIY plans of your choice for only $69.80 – that works out to only $3.49 per plan!

Choose 20 DIY plans from our great selection:

* choppers
* short and long wheel base recumbents
* tandems
* quadcycles
* delta and tadpole trikes
* scooters
* cargo bikes
* trailers
* electric bikes
* kids’ bikes
* fun/crazy bikes.

This amazing offer ends Sept. 1, 2010 and might not be offered again so log onto to right away before we come to our senses!

Posted by AtomicZombie at 10:16 PM

Labels: bikes, cargo bike, choppers, DeltaWolf, discounts, diy, homebuilt, marauder, meridian, morgan gopher, New Zealand, overkill, quadcycles, recumbents, sale, streetfox, tandem, velomobiles, welding

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