Square tubing for bike building, Brad, Canadians, anyone? – Atomic Zombie™ Extreme Machines Builder’s Forum

“Where can I find a supplier for 1/16 X 2″ & 1/16 X 1.5” sq tubing? I’m in PEI I contacted the supplier of last resort Linkletter’s Welding LTD that all the welding shops pointed me to but to no avail.

“They had a listing for it in the catalogue and contacted their supplier. When I called back they said there was none in Canada.” Read more and join the discussion:  Sq tubing, Brad, Canadians, anyone?

Load rating for tires – Atomic Zombie™ Extreme Machines Builder’s Forum

“Yep…. both trikes and recumbents have many advantages. Better weight distribution to the wheels and one more wheel. And the seating is as comfortable as my easy chair. I have a steel 10 speed…. awaiting it’s conversion to a bent. I am sold on the recumbent trike. Although mentally I flip-flop between selecting a trike style vs tadpole style.”

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Hill Country Chopper (Granny’s Nightmare) – AtomicZombie.com builders gallery

“I loved the Granny’s Nightmare chopper concept. My version came out a little different, as the mountains here in WV require some extra gearing, good brakes, and full leg extension. So, instead of bending the down tube I extended the chain stays (3/4″ conduit, squared at the back) eight inches or so, thus altering head and seat tube angle and lowering the seat while maintaining full seat tube length.”

granny's nightmare chopper built by Ken of West Virginia, usa

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