Barry’s no weld recumbent bike – builders gallery

“Hi  AZ. Attached is a pic of my no-weld =-O recumbent trike. Also the complete build details and video are at: .

Thanks for your plans (inspired by the DeltaRunner plans I bought from you).  Happy 2011.  ~ Barry”

From Barry’s blog:

Overall project statistics

  • Cost: less than $250  Canadian
  • Took less than a month to build  (I spent longer because I did lots of thinking and working stuff out).  Started in April, 2010, rideable 5 June, 2010.)
  • Needed Tools: Hacksaw, wrenches, electric drill, jigsaw, rotary tool (like a Dremel), bicycle multi tool (Crank Brothers Multi-17 Multi Tool, about $27 at Mountain Equipment Coop; Multi-17 has a reliable chain tool for breaking and re-connecting chains), bicycle crank tool (Filzer Crank Multi Wrench from Mountain Equipment $17).
  • Optional Tools: Angle Grinder, Drill Press
  • Experience with bikes: used to ride, no bike mechanics experience; on June 6, 2010, I changed my first bicycle tire (AFTER building the trike)
  • Uses parts from three salvaged bicycles
  • LOTS of thought and anxiety about how things will fit or work or fail
  • Approximate Dimensions:  WIDTH 94cm (37inches). LENGTH 211cm (83 inches).  WEIGHT (I don’t know).
  • Gearing: 18 speeds


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