Son building a SpinCycle

“Since it’s all of 92′ out perfect time to get started on a SpinCycle. My 13 year old will be making this along with me. Need to pick up some steel. Called around and one dealer has: 1/8″ thick 1 1/2″ square tubing $1.58 foot, comes in 24 foot lengths. Said no charge for cutting, if wanted a bunch of little cuts that would be different.

If my calculation is right, 1/8″ thick is 0.1250 and would close to 11 gauge. Is this way overkill and going to be too heavy.”

Read more and join the discussion:   Son building a SpinCycle.

The SpinCycle Stunt Trike is a radical front wheel drive stunt trike that offers a ride like nothing else on the planet. It rides much like any other bicycle, capable of respectable speed, but with a quick flick of the wrist, you are instantly sucked into a spinning vortex of insane G-force.

The great thing about this project is that it can be made using only a few bits of steel tubing, a pair of shopping cart caster wheels, and a recycled kid’s bicycle. You will need only a welder, grinder and a few nights work to create what will surely become your new favorite toy. Due to its extremely rugged construction, the SpinCycle Stunt Trike can be enjoyed by all ages, and will easily take the abuse that us “big kids” will force it to endure.

Amaze your friends with five or more high speed 360’s in a row, build a pair of SpinCycle Stunt Trikes and start a crazy racing circuit, scare your neighbors, or just have a whole lot of fun while you get a great workout. The SpinCycle Stunt Trike is a forgiving project that can be built with just about any parts you can scrounge up, and leaves plenty of room for your own custom modifications and alterations.

Take a look at our Builder’s Gallery to see other SpinCycle Stunt Trike examples, including many creative modifications to the plan. Our international builders community ranges from students to retired engineers, but they all have one thing in common – the desire to build their own stuff!



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