Chain control opinions please? AtomicZombie builders forum

“I have two questions for those with some experience, related to routing of the chain on a marauder. With Quebec roads being in rough shape in general, I’m trying to prevent too much chain flop/slap without adding too much resistance.”

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“Concentric Axle” dual drive trike axle idea – AtomicZombie builders forum

“I was reading up on some other axle threads and got this idea that I’m gonna try with my freshly scored granny trike waiting for zombification!” 

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Phil’s Highroller build thread!

“So I took the plunge yesterday and started my Highroller. I’m doing things a little different than the plans, but I think it will turn out ok. If not, I’ll make it ok!

I am using the seat stays and chainstays from my donor bike. I’m currently working on boxing in the chainstays where they meet the bottom bracket. I’m hoping that it will be strong enough once I am done. I’ll be posting pictures of what I’ve done so far.”

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