James’ slick chopper – AtomicZombie builders gallery

“My name is James. I have been into bicycles for about 27 yrs and year after started to do distant riding with a few mates only 42 km to the next town through hills one trip.
In 1995 I was run over by a drunk driver and only suffered from minor broken bones cuts and bruises memory problems (only a problem as I have getting older and the brain still thinks the body is young) and have had back problems since.
Later that year, a mate and me started to build a quad but our life’s took different paths.Many years later, I was watching a video on YouTube about a dude who was in a car accident and has had back problems and built a chopper cycle.
After that, I searched online and found AZ started to build a recumbent, but did not get too far before I started to build my chopper. Now working on building my second chopper in between finding work spending time with the wife and kids, working on the kids bikes and looking after my snake.”

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