Neighborhood Bicycle Resource Center, Massachusetts



Hello Atomic Zombie Krew,

Thank you for publishing my previous letter in August 2010. Just to keep you updated, my Neighborhood Bicycle Resource Center is doing well. Many people are inspired when I show them one of the books or a bike-building plan from you Brad, or just by looking at one of the homemade bikes. In fact, this past weekend I led a workshop on winter bicycling, and sixteen people showed up full of questions.

Here is a picture of the Winter Warrior I did put together last year, and two pictures of my newest creation, that was not inspired by an example on AtomicZombie, but having the knowledge, that I can make something like this definitely was.

The box part of the bike is brutally strong due to the two small wheels full of spokes, and because of the construction. So, I will change the back wheel shortly, with one bearing a Nuvinci hub, to have a wider shift-range for better hill-climbing with load, and will mount two brakes on those front wheels.

Best wishes from MA,

Hi Gabor. Thanks very much for the update. Sounds like you have sparked some interest in your community about bike building. Keep up the innovative spirit and continue to inspire more. Together we can make a difference! 

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