Fritz’s Warrior tadpole trike

“Just finished the fabrication of the Warrior.  We will be tearing it down after some more testing for finishing.  Many thanks to Radical Brad for putting these plans out for us to use!”

Fritz Schantz

AZ newsletter February 27

Feature article by Brad Graham: How to spoke a car wheel for your phat chopper
Quad bike in England
California chopper
Bike builders community
Puerto Rico “Penny fake thing”
Warrior tadpole trike
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Quad bike in England

“Hi. Here is a pic of my quad for the gallery.

Chris West
Gloucestershire, England”

Home built quadcycle by Chris, England.


Nice quad, Chris. Thanks for sharing.

“Penny fake thing” in Puerto Rico

“This is the newest addition to the bike garage. It is a bent frame mountain bike that I cut the head off and welded the forks back into.

Inspired by Atomic Zombie and this thing gets more attention than my chopper build!

Jeremy’s own rendition of a hand made Pennyfarthing.

Thanks for the great website – BUY PLANS people! They are full of great tips and important features of bike building.

Jeremy in Puerto Rico.”

Cool, Jeremy, thanks for sharing and mentioning AtomicZombie.


Bike builders rock the world!

Cheap DIY snow tires for bicycles

Cheap snow tires

“Hey guys. Just ran across this cool DIY snow tire idea. Tried it our on our quadricycle this morning (we’re in Gloucester) and it worked great!

Can’t wait till summer to see if they work in sand too!

Here’s the link to the DIY snowtires:

Works super well using the zip ties I got at the dollar store.

Cheers. Nat (aka botwi and amphidory)”

Thanks for sharing, Nat. That’s a great DIY.

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AZ Newsletter February 20


San Diego chopper
Indonesia recumbent
Virginia beach cruiser
Illinois recumbent
Builders forum chat
** Feature article: Evolution of the Marauder lowracer
by Brad Graham (Radical Brad of Atomic Zombie)**

San Diego chopper by Jeb

“Here’s a pic of my modded Electra Ghostrider for your gallery.

It has a NOS Bendix suicide shifter, restored pre-war Mesinger long-spring saddle, double kickstand, Harley Davidson fork bag, Puch moped headlight converted to LED, custom Electra Stream Ride ape hangars, Electra mirrors, Nirve grips and BMX pedals.

I love this bike!
Jeb Haught”
San Diego, California

Bike builders rock the world.

Custom recumbent bike in Indonesia – AtomicZombie gallery

“Dear Sir/Madam. The picture is the latest upgrade since December last year. I have added light (front and rear), electric horn, mirror etc. Total cost overall $110 US.

Now, I enjoy ride this bike every morning at 05.00 am for half an hour before go to the office and in the evening on Saturday or Sunday.

Best Regards,
Gregorius Teguh Liem”

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Black Lightning recumbent, Illinois

“Hi. I am sending a picture of my son Ray Schwartz on our latest bike, the Black Lightning. It is based on the Meridian, but lower.


He wanted the twin hand shifters so that the handlebars would be clear for the throttle of the next improvement, an electric motor. This has been a great hobby shared by my son, my best friend, and I. We can’t wait to start the next one!

Thanks, Rob Schwartz”
Zion, IL, USA

OverKill chopper – archives

We’re working on a new AtomicZombie web site and have been digging through thousands of pictures of our bike projects, some that we completed, others that didn’t get finished for one reason or another. Here are some never before seen pictures of our OverKill chopper, 2005. Enjoy!

The young bikers love OverKill, even though they can’t ride it yet.


Radical Brad uses a tube bender to make the OverKill frame.


Maybe a few more years, buddy!


OverKill is cool!


KoolKat tames the wild beast.


Baby got back!


You can’t ignore an OverKill riding down the street.
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