West Virginia Recumbent by Flatblack

“I’m Bill Jones from Morgantown, WV.  I have been a krew member (Flatblack) for a couple of years. I don’t contribute a lot, only when I think I can help.  I follow the welding discussions the closest and that’s where I occasionally weigh in.  I have built a modified Delta Wolf and a number of other bikes that are basically of my own design with heavy influence from you, the zombie extended family, and others.

The bike in question went through some changes.  Originally the top tube was parallel to the ground and it had direct steering.  I never warmed up to it so I changed the frame geometry to get a lower seat position, altered the steering system and made a few other changes.  I like it now.

The lower riding position is just more fun and the steering more civilized.  This riding position is especially amusing and reasonably safe in snow and ice since you are low to begin with and your feet are always at the ready to serve as outriggers when you slide.

The seat and back rest move forward or backward to accommodate different sized riders. The backrest angle can also be adjusted.  For chain management all I have is a small plastic skid plate to keep the drive chain off the chainstay. The bike was welded with gas and TIG with some brazed joinery. The camo color scheme was an accident.

I basically paint every bike I make flat black. So, when I finished welding the modified frame, I hit just the bare metal spots with a flat drab green/grey self etching primer and the result gave me the vapors. Who could have imagined that one could improve on flat black?

Thanks so much for your bike plans, maintenance of the forum, the tutorials, the gallery and all the rest. I especially like the way you are so gracious in giving credit to those that came before when describing your designs.

Cheers, Bill

A great looking recumbent, Bill. Thanks for sharing.

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