My Photo Production Van Velomobile

“Just about have the skin on the van. put the lights on but have not covered the head lights. I got to test ride today for about 8 miles. I wanted to see if I could run the batteries out. It went as fast as 30.5 mph, but I ran out of road. I still have no brakes on the rear. It stops really slowly.

The front brake is not enough. The wheels are not strong enough for the weight of the van, so I will lace the motors in a motor cycle rim. I found some with the same spoke count. The Test Ride went great. The one motor does good if you peddle on take off. After I get the other motor installed it should have great take off as well. After 20 mph the peddles do nothing”

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Charlotte’s own bike

“Charlotte is a little person. She is four years old and wanted a “pedal bicycle” like her friends have, but no commercially produced bicycle comes close to being able to fit her.

So, we started with a bicycle with 12 inch wheels and rebuilt it. The changes are: seat tube and pedal cranks shortened, bottom bracket narrowed, rear stays shortened and reshaped, forks and steering head shortened, main tube replaced with a curved tube to lower step-over height and bring handlebars closer to seat, handlebars narrowed and reshaped, carrier reshaped. The only unaltered frame parts are the front axle dropouts.

The full construction is covered in this thread:

The result is a bike that fits Charlotte and retains good proportions. More importantly, it is a pleasure to see her riding her own bicycle,when at one stage this didn’t seem to be possible.

Thank you for providing the forum and website where so many bike hackers can swap ideas and learn from each other. The world is a better place for it.


Neville Whitlock
Grandad, Petone Bike & Velo”

British Columbia sidehacker chopper

“G’Day Y’all. This site is excellent. Now my friends can see I’m not the only one. Here’s my latest creation. Not painted yet due it still being too cold hereabouts. Pagan Psycle’s – The Long & Low sidehacker, from Sechelt, B.C., Canada, eh. Aloha, Steve.”

Nice work, Steve. thanks for sharing.

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