Atomic Zombie April 2 newsletter

  *** Feature article by Brad Graham (Radical Brad): *** 
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Australia chopcycle project

Costa Rica choppers
Australia chopper
Kinetic sculpture
Michigan Penny Farthing
Connecticut Warrior
Bike builders chat
South Carolina motorized bike
Ontario chopper
Ohio tall bike
Ski bike in France
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$55 Front Wheel Drive (No Weld) Recumbent Bicycle

“Hey, ran into your guys’ DIY blog and  I love it. Just finished a no-weld fwd ‘bent and thought I’d share the pics. My name is Jeff Hughes at


Basic fishmouth cutting tutorial for bike builders

This basic tutorial will cover cutting a simple 90 degree fishmouth into round and square tubing. A fishmouth is a semi circular cut taken at the end of a tube so that it can be joined to another round tube. In bicycle frame building, it is often necessary to cut several fishmouths into the ends of the steel tubing where the head tube or bottom bracket will be installed.


More on this and other AZTV tutorials are here.

Velomobile concepts by Neil

Hi Brad and Kat,
Thank you for all the inspirational projects and build information offered.
Although I am currently not in a position to physically build any projects yet and still undecided on which one to even build first, I have been spending some time developing “virtual” vehicles and attached are two conceptual overlay images that I would like to share. Although these are still very conceptual illustrations, it has been a very enjoyable creative process and have received a large amount of satisfaction from the results.
First a little history, I have had a very strong interest in HPVs (human powered vehicles) for many years and periodically during that time have done many very basic conceptual sketches. Recently, my interest has been more specifically focused on “Velomobiles” and have been gathering information to create my vehicle, which I am currently in the process of deciding the final design configuration — so many possibilities lately — to meet my design needs!
For the past few years, after seeing some illustrations others had done involving velomobiles, decided to expand my illustration/drawing skills and create some considerably more detailed work — especially after being inspired by some of your project photos.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The first illustration overlay I started was of the Marauder Lowracer, the vehicle position in the image was at what I consider a perfect angle and could see some very interesting possibilities.
The next project was the Streetfighter Quad, which was a bit more challenging since having the idea of using aluminum for the shell — especially when attempting to visually illustrate this material unpainted in the top section. I also pushed the design illustration just recently, by adding considerably more detail than the previous image, and although I can see more that could be added, believe it is finally complete.
I am looking forward to creating more design concepts from some of the images collected, including the process of being able to create these in a shorter period of time. In addition, as I get closer to determining the final configuration of my vehicle, will possibly even do a few as 3D models before actually doing a physical build — very possibly this year.
Hope you enjoy the images and thanks again for the inspiration!
Neil Biers
Boulder, Colorado
Great stuff, Neil! 

AZ newsletter January 20

Florida Blue Bullet Warrior
UK choppers
Montana side hacks
Argentina and New Jersey bike hacks
builders forum news
New Jersey Warrior

The “I Didn’t See the Cyclist” Defense

The front windshield of Sommit Luangpakham’s vehicle was smashed in after the crash in 2009, injuring five cyclists.


This is a great editorial by Bob Mionske, in my opinion, and worth reading. 

It’s the “ignorance is bliss” defense: “I didn’t see the cyclist, and I didn’t intend to hit anybody. It was just an accident. It’s nobody’s fault.”

Well, yes, it is somebody’s fault. It’s your fault, it doesn’t matter that you didn’t “intend” to hit somebody. You did hit somebody, and if you didn’t see the cyclist because you weren’t paying attention, it’s your fault.

Read more:  The “I Didn’t See the Cyclist” Defense | Road Rights |

Weight bench bike in France

“Greetings from central France. I originally hail from the north of Scotland so no jokes about garlic and onions on the cycle, please!

Anyway, I have been recycling bikes for years and keep myself going in France by selling recycled bikes at markets. There is not much of a skip around these areas, so when a weights bench turned up, it was hauled straight into the van.

The picture is indoors due to lovely weather, and, yes, there is still a bit of work to do. Incidentally, it’s all nuts and bolts at the moment. Will weld it up when totally happy with end result.

Any comments or constructive criticism gratefully received as this is my first attempt at mutant mechanics.

Happy building. Simon.”

Looking great so far, Simon. Using parts of a weight bench is genius! Join the Atomic Zombie Builders Forum and tell the community all about your recycled bike. You’ll get a lot of help and suggestions from our friendly community. Merci beaucoup!