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Electric Warrior recumbent tadpole trike in Norway



Some months ago, I purchased building instructions for the “Warrior”. Very good and highly  valuable, thank you very much! Since I had no previous welding experience, your “welding basics” tutorial also helped me a lot.

I was “brave” enough to go for round 50mm/47mm tubing in place of the square tube frame. It gave me grey hair before I mastered welding round thin walled tubing. Very difficult for a beginner, but a lot of practice helps (and a good grinder). Your instructions of how to make use of different existing bicycle parts were most welcome. It saved me a lot of research work.

Since I live in a place with a lot of hills, and almost no flat areas, an electric motor is almost mandatory to get anywhere. So, I purchased a “Golden Pie” and 38V LiPo batteries.

The trike was finished and first test ride was made today. It is NOT the right time for bicycle trips in Norway at this time of the year, but I cannot wait for the spring to get this thing tested. After some adjustments of the handlebars to maximum comfort, it was ready for a ride. It rides perfectly! Very stable and easy to handle.

Even on ice and hard snow it was no other problems than some painful “bone rattling” over some very bumpy parts in the road caused by poor clearing of the snow and ice. The motor really does a great job to zoom up hills that otherwise would slow me to walking speed. I hope this will be a great alternative to my car when commuting to job, and for pure fun.

Thank you very much for your instructive web site!


Bjørn Furuheim, NORWAY”

Wow! That’s a great, rugged Warrior trike designed for your climate. Thanks, Bjorn for your kind words. Hope to see more bike creations from you.


Build your own cool recumbent trike.

Michigan handmade wood high wheel bike




“My name is Jon Jacobs from Samaria, Michigan. I’ve built three wood bikes, a 48 inch highwheel a 36 inch kids’ highwheel and a 72 inch monowheel.

Thank you. I have plans available for the kids’ highwheel. Jon.”

Great bike, Jon. A work of art for sure. Send us pictures of your other handmade bikes, too. Keep up the great work!

Custom recumbent bike in Indonesia – AtomicZombie gallery

“Dear Sir/Madam,

This bike was made due to almost sold as trash. Total cost is around $70 US (seat $20, frame from pipe $10, front wheel $10, steering $15, paint, installation, chain $15) and a used bike.

And the time to build was around 2 months, since I only have time on Saturday and Sunday. Made in West Jakarta, Indonesia.

Thanks and Regards, Gregorius Teguh Liem.”

Great way to re-use and recycle bike parts, Gregorius. Congrats on your new recumbent bike!



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Hammerhead style quad bike – AtomicZombie builders gallery

“Kat & Brad. Here is a picture of my wife’s bike I built for her. It was originally a Hammerhead trike, but I added the rear trike kit to make it a 4 wheeled bike. Thank you guys for such a terrific site and forum for us to learn and display our creations. Thanks again.

Taylor Christensen
Centennial Colorado.
A.K.A. taytayou812”

Jack’s handcycle trike Eastern Ukraine – AtomicZombie builders gallery

“Donor bikes are hard to come by in Eastern Ukraine, but I finally managed to find enough components to built this Atomic Zombie influenced trike. Our friend with disabilities has been getting a lot of good taking it out for a spin.”  ~ Jack Long