Costa Rica choppers by Tintasangre

Hola Atomic Zombie!

I want to present Tintasangre’s 2012 new bike projects and recycled bicycles public activities, and invite you to check Tintasangre5 YouTube channel handmade bike videos.

This summer has been very hot and sunny and perfect for bicycle outdoor fun:

These are my new projects and bike experiments.


This is recycled bicycle, very fast to build. Combined a BMX frame with a MTB frame and Chopper Handlebar and tires (20″ front w-24″ rear w). My first attempt of this front transmission system. Built with garage materials for the test ride, but have to say this system is very stable (especially when compared with long fork choppers). The bike is very easy to ride. Most people of different sizes could drive it. This machine is a cross between a recumbent and a cruiser chopper bike.


This is a 2 week project, the fourth version upgrade of the former Clownbike.

The objective was to create a long, but still very comfortable sporty chopper. I tried to be very careful with the design line, composition, and color. This has become one of the favorites because of the feeling you get while you riding it.


This Machine is totally inspired in the original ATOMIC ZOMBIE OVERKILL PHAT CHOPPER. A long time ago, I was dreaming to create this bike. This is my first experiment of the oversize car wheel drive system. I didn’t put bicycle spokes on it; just used the normal wheel, hacked the hub and centered with iron bars (this part took some time).

I made a 3 spoked front wheel, comfortable seat and handlebars, and cruiser-chopper angles combination. A very special thanks to Atomic Zombie for their web tips and motivation to go through this project!

It’s very nice to be in contact with you and all bike builders. Best Regards!

Erik Kaskant

Thank you, Erik, for sending us pictures of your new choppers. Amazing workmanship, as usual! Muchas gracias, amigo!

Joe’s custom Scout bike – Atomic Zombie builders gallery

“Here is my RD bike. I built it about four years ago. This is a four speed, two forward pedal gears and two back pedal gears.

“Scout” is a solid commuter/townie as well as an intrepid explorer. The transmission was patented in the 1880s,  so it’s nothing new. I’ve pedaled Scout forwards and backwards thousands of miles and it just keeps going (forward).

“Your new stomping grounds look great. I hope you fill all those acres up with new creations. Thanks, Joe.”

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Handmade bike building has many benefits – a builder’s story

A bike builder’s inspiring story:  Handmade bike building has many benefits – a builder’s story.


Bike Chopper from Brazil – Atomic Zombie builders gallery

Samuel Santos, Brazil


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Tilting trike a cautionary tale

Ok, if any of you is planning to build a twist FWD like this. I have a story: I initially had welded the bolt that holds the power pulley directly onto the frame. It was not my best weld, but there was plenty of metal holding the bolt. However, I was really grinding after a full stop at a stop sign, when the bolt came off!

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What is your best dumpster diving find?

“I’ve got a couple. First one is came home from the big box store getting materials for a house project and a house that is rented out had 3 bikes sitting on the curb for the trash man. Went back and got them. Sold one for $40 or $50…kept the others for chopping.”

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Homemade kid’s bike from Australia – Atomic Zombie builders gallery

“Here is a photo of a bike I threw together for my kid in the middle of building my own bike. I know it’s a little tame but my kid is only 4 years old 🙂 and it still turns a few heads when we go riding.”

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German chopper by Stefan – Atomic Zombie builders gallery

“Hi people. I´m Stefan from Stuttgart, Germany, and I just finished my first chopper. Since I saw all the crazy stuff at your site, I could not stop thinking of building my own chopper, so I bought a welding machine and that’s what came out.”

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Andre’s chopper bike – Brazil

“Hello! My name is Andre, I live in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I would like share my chopper bike.

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Motorized OverKill chopper bike project done – Atomic Zombie builders gallery

“My dad built this from the plans from your “OverKill chopper” build. Here are some photos, pick and choose any if you would like to use them.

See the pictures of this amazing bike chopper:  Motorized OverKill chopper bike project done – Atomic Zombie builders gallery.