AZ newsletter May 2

Feature article by Brad Graham (Radical Brad):
Building a rebar greenhouse Part 2 
Terminator chopper stolen
New builders gallery: upload your photos
Estonia Warrior tadpole trike
Motorized bikes
Kids’ trike in Scotland
Oregon quadcycle
Spring bike building special extended
Manufactured parts for your bike projects
Bike builders chat
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New Gallery: Upload your bike photos

The new Atomic Zombie gallery is now online. Members can post and link to pictures, share comments, rate others’ pictures and more. You must register as a member of the AZ forum to post in the gallery.

Guests can still view the gallery and use some functions, but to fully enjoy the gallery, please become a member. It’s free.

The gallery that we have had for years will be migrated to the new gallery this summer. It will stay online at the main AZ site until all pictures are in the new gallery.

We look forward to seeing your own bikes in our new gallery, and thanks for joining our worldwide community.

Bike building is an international past time.

Trikes, trikes and more trikes!

Besides choppers, we’re getting a whack of gallery submissions for trikes. Here are some recent additions of these three wheeled wonders to the Atomic Zombie family of home built bikes:

Soon to be completed! WOLF of Mich.


David Cole
Suffolk, England


Dewey Johnson


Hey, my name is Francis Labbe, I’m from Sherbrooke City, Quebec, Canada.
This is my project named FL500. Thanks!


Fritz Schantz: Artie’s warrior is complete!
Did headtube steering to keep cable mess to a minimum.
The seat is hinged off of the wheel booms and sprung at the back mount.
Thanks for the awesome plans!


This is my version of the Warrior trike.
P.S. It rides great.
Deltona, Florida

Ottawa handmade trike & chopper

“Remember those plastic big wheel toys, where you cranked on the hand-brake to spin out? Meet its big-boy cousin ! Just pull up on the blue handle and hang on. I also built it so that it detaches with no tools required, a simple hook and spring system holds it in place.”


My son’s 1st project. Code name “Forked-up”.

British Columbia sidehacker chopper

“G’Day Y’all. This site is excellent. Now my friends can see I’m not the only one. Here’s my latest creation. Not painted yet due it still being too cold hereabouts. Pagan Psycle’s – The Long & Low sidehacker, from Sechelt, B.C., Canada, eh. Aloha, Steve.”

Nice work, Steve. thanks for sharing.

Spring into bike building. AtomicZombie can help.

Spring into bike building with AtomicZombie

Discarded or worn out bicycles offer many good parts and can often be found at local scrap yards, city dumps, or yard sales for a few dollars. Even if you plan to build a custom creation using all new parts, this hobby will seem inexpensive compared to many, as you can purchase a brand new bicycle at a store for less than a hundred dollars.

The great thing about hacking and welding bicycles is that you will be working with all steel components, which are much stronger, more common, and much less expensive than high grade aluminum or carbon fiber bicycle parts. If you have never torn a bicycle apart before, then this basic introduction will show you all you need to complete a total bicycle autopsy in minutes, stripping an entire cycle down to the individual parts using only a few basic hand tools.

You can build your own recumbent bike, tadpole trike, chopper, velomobile, electric scooter, delta trike, quadcycle or tandem trike from our easy to follow plans. All of our plans are easily modified to suit your own needs and you can work with the materials you have on hand.

Combine the ideas presented in several plans into a unique home built recumbent bike, or create your own racing trike based on one of our DIY plans. The possibilities are endless!