BMX side hack bikes in Montana

“Hello. Here are two of the BMX Side Hack bikes I have built. Fun to build and kids just love ’em. I really love your web site.

Andy Gonzalez
Plains, Montana”

Bike hackers rock!

Threadless forks/Quake Proof bike

I just pulled a flash looking “QUAKE PROOF BIKE” out of a skip (dumpster). It’s got full suspension and really heavy duty motorcycle style forks (true triple tree). It’s just screaming to be fitted with a large hub motor.

I stripped it back and gave it a nice coat of matt black, fixed some bits and pieces then came up against something new – threadless forks! I’ve got the lower forks and a pressed steel top yoke and the stem. I’ve been looking around and found a handle bar mounting stem to fit, but…”

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Pedal powered eight passenger bike

 “Inspired by the Pedal Pub. Made a reality with the help of all you at Atomic Zombies!”

~ Dirk





That’s awesome, Dirk. Thanks for sharing pictures of your sociable bike for eight!

‘BentRider Online» Blog Archive » Atomic Zombie

by Larry Varney
Co-Editor, ‘BentRider Online

“When I first saw those words, I thought to myself, it must be a bicycling version of “Ghost Rider”, with Nicolas Cage in flames, a rictus grin shining out of the fire. And while I do think this would make a nice movie (not to mention a t-shirt and hat), it’s not at all what Atomic Zombie is all about.”

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Thanks to Larry for this awesome review. Wow! A full page. Cheers to the ‘BentRider crew from the AZ krew.  

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AZ newsletter for January 3

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motorized bicycles
Bike builders rock!

Happy New Year to bikers everywhere

To all of you wonderful bike builders who dare to be different, think outside the box, yearn to strive for something more…we salute you.

Thank you for your continued support. We will be launching many new adventures in 2012, the year Atomic Zombie takes on the world. Stay tuned!

With utmost respect and admiration,
Your Atomic Zombie hosts, KoolKat and Radical Brad.

Bike builders rock!

Electric Warrior recumbent tadpole trike in Norway



Some months ago, I purchased building instructions for the “Warrior”. Very good and highly  valuable, thank you very much! Since I had no previous welding experience, your “welding basics” tutorial also helped me a lot.

I was “brave” enough to go for round 50mm/47mm tubing in place of the square tube frame. It gave me grey hair before I mastered welding round thin walled tubing. Very difficult for a beginner, but a lot of practice helps (and a good grinder). Your instructions of how to make use of different existing bicycle parts were most welcome. It saved me a lot of research work.

Since I live in a place with a lot of hills, and almost no flat areas, an electric motor is almost mandatory to get anywhere. So, I purchased a “Golden Pie” and 38V LiPo batteries.

The trike was finished and first test ride was made today. It is NOT the right time for bicycle trips in Norway at this time of the year, but I cannot wait for the spring to get this thing tested. After some adjustments of the handlebars to maximum comfort, it was ready for a ride. It rides perfectly! Very stable and easy to handle.

Even on ice and hard snow it was no other problems than some painful “bone rattling” over some very bumpy parts in the road caused by poor clearing of the snow and ice. The motor really does a great job to zoom up hills that otherwise would slow me to walking speed. I hope this will be a great alternative to my car when commuting to job, and for pure fun.

Thank you very much for your instructive web site!


Bjørn Furuheim, NORWAY”

Wow! That’s a great, rugged Warrior trike designed for your climate. Thanks, Bjorn for your kind words. Hope to see more bike creations from you.


Build your own cool recumbent trike.

South Carolina motorized bike


“The bike is a small dirt jumping frame with (2) stage2 pocket bike engines rack mounted and V-belt driven. The wheel pulley is a same size rim hoop bonded and security bolted to the spoked wheel. Separate brake lever throttles. Approx 8-9 hp and 11000 rpms. Ridiculous acceleration from a dead stop or roll on.

Located in Charleston, South Carolina.

Thanks, Alex (aka: lowracer)”

Bike builders rock!

Mike’s handmade bike collection – AtomicZombie gallery

AtomicZombie Bikes, Recumbents, Trikes, Choppers, Ebikes, Velomobiles, Trailers and Tandems Plans: Mike’s handmade bike collection – AtomicZombie gallery.

AZ store was down for a bit, OK now

We had to do some maintenance, so if you tried to place an order and it failed, please try again. Everything is working fine now.Hopefully, the changes will result in fewer “Service Unavailable” messages on the AtomicZombie main site. It’s been an ongoing issue that should be resolved now.

Thanks for your patience.

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