Virginia Beach cruiser

 “Hi, my name is Allan Wunnenberg, I live in Virginia Beach, VA.

I like to build recumbents, and I also like choppers, so I went to a police auction and bought three bicycles: one was a three speed with a coaster brake, and that FAT seat  (thought that was cool) and decided to build a beach cruiser.

I did all the welding, and it has a chameleon paint job. I spent about $40.00 for everything.”

Nice job, Allan. That phat seat is awesome!

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Bike chopper in snowy England

“Hi, my name is Rob, from Colchester, Essex, England.

I made the bike to learn welding. My welding is still really bad.

The bike is made from a kids bike front welded to a BMX back half. I extended the forks using old gas pipe. The handlebars were found in my nan’s garage.

The whole bike has cost me nothing at all as it is all made from bits lying around.

Any more info wanted please let me know. Kind regards, Rob.”

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UK custom bike chopper

“28 gears, front and rear suspension. Perhaps you’d like to show my pics?”

Gerard Walker, Swansea, in the UK.


Great job, Gerrard!


Bike builders rock!

Bike choppers in Costa Rica – AtomicZombie gallery

“Hello again Atomic Zombie from Costa Rica!

Success for You and All Bike Builders in this enigmatic 2012!

Want to show my new projects,and invite you again,to check Tintasangre5 YouTube channel.

Thanks for your Web and AZTV channel. Lot of Inspiration!!!!

These are 2011 last projects:

This bike took some days of design, trying to be careful with accurate measures and angles. Most parts of handlebar, fork and frame are built from zero.

Created with spiked geometry, looking for a different kind of chopper.

This is my first tricycle;tried the experiment with front-wheel drive. Added a pair of BMX pegs for use in 90 degree turns, or stand up riding.

New 2012 bike projects coming. Will send pictures. Best Regards! Tintasangre diseñosobreruedas”

Beautiful bikes, Tintasangre. We look forward to seeing more of your homebuilt choppers. All the best to you and your family.

Atomic Zombie newsletter Dec. 24

wooden bike
Highlander old skool chopper
Atomic Zombie archives

Highlander old skool bike chopper – AtomicZombie archives

Building the Highlander Chopper
 from the Atomic Zombie Extreme Machines archives 2004
Atomic Zombie's own sick bike chopper with triple tree forks
Highlander is a chopper based on those wild chops from the past – you know like the movie “Easy Rider”? Armed with nothing more than a photo from the move, a few bits of conduit and a hacksaw I began cutting things up and laying out the frame on the living room carpet – something you do when it’s too cold to work in an unheated garage during the boring winter months. Highlander turned out so well, that it also earned a spot in my book under the chapter “The Infamous Chopper”. More.

Netherlands bike chopper – wicked!

“This is my bike, will have a new custom paint on it soon. Ronald en Angela van Beest, Netherlands.”

Wow! That’s an awesome chopper, Ronald. That rake is sick! Thanks for sharing this pic with us. Your chopper buddies in the background have some wicked chops, too.

Bike chopper in Mexico

Built by Victor Hugo Hernandez Garcia, Mexico


Another amazing chopper bike by Victor. His ingenuity and attention to detail are inspiring. Muchas gracias, amigo!
Affordable diy bike plans – make your own recumbent, chopper, trike, tandem, tallbike, ebike, and more.

Kind of Vigilante bike chopper in Germany: AtomicZombie forum

“Hi zombies 😉

“My first custom bike will be a kind of like the Vigilante chopper. It will have only one square tube from the rear wheel to the steering head and one from the saddle to the bottom bracket. Each one will be 40x40x3 mm.”

Read more and join the discussion:  Kind of Vigilante in Germany

The Vigilante Chopper breaks all the rules and takes the law into its own hands! With its fat rear wheel and stealth bomber styling, the Vigilante is one ride that will stand out among all other choppers as a true custom. Even the frame is radically different, using only square tubing for that stealth bomber look. This project is built from the ground up, using the parts you have on hand, so there is plenty of room to alter the design and carve out a ride that suits your building style.

Take a look at our Builder’s Gallery to see other Vigilante Chopper examples, including many creative modifications to the plan. Our international builders community ranges from students to retired engineers, but they all have one thing in common – the desire to build their own stuff!

Building a chopper that oozes with attitude is a lot of work, but it’s not rocket science! I only own a basic AC welder, an angle grinder, and a hand drill, so anyone can pull off the same kind of work with a little hard work. Because of the way the frame is built around the wheels, you have alot of room to experiment with your own designs to add your own twisted ideas into the bike with ease. This plan is a great way to learn the art of chopper building, even if you have something completely different planned since the ideas presented here can be used over and over again.

It’s time to reclaim the word “chopper” and put it back into the hands of the builder where it belongs. A department store chopper with serial numbers is not a custom at all, and it is not worthy of the word “chopper”, in my opinion! No assembly line chop will ever have a chance against something carved from your own blood, sweat and tears, so grab that hacksaw and get chopping!