SideWinder Stunt Bike, Part 2


Here is the completed and unpainted SideWinder ready for its first test run. For best results, I found that a taller set of handlebars were optimal, and did not bother with any gears or brakes since this was mainly going to be a parking lot fun bike. To make a single speed, put the chain on the center chain ring on the rear wheel and cut the chain to fit. If you do intend to add a brake to your SideWinder, then only add a rear brake as a front brake will cause an instant and brutal jackknife to occur due to the front end wanting to fold into the rear of the frame.

The initial test ride went as well as can be expected on such a crazy bike, so I painted the frame and switch to a banana seat to make it easier to shift weight around when doing stunts. The SideWinder ended up being a very fun bike to ride, once I mastered the ability to pull the front wheel only inches away from the rear wheel while in motion.

The SideWinder can fold almost right in half, making it a unique variable wheelbase bike that can turn around in about the space of a single sidewalk block. By shortening the wheelbase, the turning circle is drastically reduced, making the sidewinder seem as though it can spin in a circle or slither around a corner in ways that defy logic.

Find a nice quite place like a parking lot for your initial test ride (crash test). You will probably find it easy to ride the SideWinder while it is in the relaxed (straight forward) position since it is not much different than a regular bicycle except being slightly longer.

Get moving at about a jogging pace and then pull the handlebars towards your body as you kind of swing to once side, turning a bit in the same direction. At this point, the frame will pivot, and you can bring the front wheel closer to the rear wheel.

If you keep steering straight ahead, then the bike will tilt backwards yet still ride somewhat normally, although it will look like a train ran over your frame to onlookers! Once in the folded position, try to steer towards the direction of the frame pivot, and you will be able to zip around in a very small circle.

Of course, you will probably jackknife and face plant a few times as you get used to the odd feeling of riding a folded bike with a 12 inch variable wheelbase! Keep practicing and you will be able to do all kinds of bizarre turns and slithers in no time.

One of my favorite things to do on the SideWinder is to ride towards someone so everything looks normal, but just as I get within a 20 foot distance, I crank the frame into a tight fold and do a few loops, switching to the other side right after to complete an unbelievable figure 8. To the unsuspecting onlooker, it would appear that my bike just experienced a total frame failure, but somehow I was able to keep riding it! Of course after a few turns, it becomes apparent this is no regular bicycle, but in fact a circus ready stunt bicycle. Be safe and have fun!

Ori’s long wheel base recumbent – New York

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Atomic Zombie krew feedback

“Hi RadicalBrad. Years ago, I saw a 4 wheel bike that I thought was the coolest thing, so I decided to build something like it.  It was called the “Animas Quadracycle”.  It has full independent suspension, lots of ground clearance. It’s like a human powered Jeep. ..”

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Australian steam punk jet pack bike – check this out!

“”I’ve been looking at alternate forms of transport, and because the regulations on things like mopeds and electric vehicles are so ridiculous I decided to focus on pedal power. Since the instigations of mandatory helmet laws in the early 1990s, here in Australia, people rode their bikes into the garage never to be seen again. But, that is a different story.”

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Xtreme handmade chopper bikes

Bob and Tom share pictures of their cool choppers:  Xtreme handmade chopper bikes


Wild handmade choppers and trikes by Dea

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Would love to see some action shots of you riding these beasts, Dea!

Larry’s handmade recumbent trike

Two thumbs up to Larry for his own Warrior style recumbent tadpole trike:  Larry’s handmade recumbent trike.


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Buddha Trike for Burning Man

“Here’s a pic for your gallery. A little different then what you normally get I’m sure, but I figured, “What the heck. John.”

Very, cool and unique John. Take some pics at Burning Man and send them to us!



NEW DIY Plan – TimberWolf Recumbent Trike Plan Now Online

TimberWolf recumbent delta trike - New DIY plan from

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The TimberWolf Recumbent Trike is on the Loose!

taking footage of the TimberWolf recumbent trike for an upcoming video

The TimberWolf combines the agile and speedy characteristics of a racing trike, along with the comfort and practicality of a shopping trike to bring you the best of both worlds. Having a seat height of around 16 inches gives the TimberWolf a good stance for urban traffic yet allows for some very agile handling characteristics with the ability to take corners at a much higher speed than what would be possible on an upright delta trike.

The TimberWolf also includes rear suspension with a cargo area behind the pilot’s seat, allowing fragile objects to be carried without risk of damage.

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