Bike builders news – May 3

bike builders news

Feature article by RadicalBrad of

Build the HighLander Chopper – Part 2

Head tubes and bottom brackets for your bike projects – now on sale
Hub flanges and axle adapters for your bike projects – shipping worldwide   
Chains and brake cables – we want your input
Spring Special – Save 10% on all bike parts
Washington students strut their stuff 
Bike builders community chat – hot topics of conversation
Bike builders gallery new additions – recumbents, trikes, motorized bikes, choppers & more
Builders Feedback – we love to hear from you.


Free DIY tutorials – most available in PDF format
AZTV webisode – There and Back Again: A Zombie’s Tale
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Head tubes & bottom brackets 4 sale

We’re working with a manufacturer to also make head tube shells and bottom bracket shells weldable-ready. They will have slightly thicker walls so they won’t distort during welding.

Since our plans call for head tubes and bottom brackets and some people are having problems salvaging useable bike parts for their projects, we think that offering these two parts for sale makes sense.

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