Holger’s recumbent tadpole trike – Germany

Hello, here is my second Project. Holger Wagner, Germany.”


our own AtomicZombie tadpole trike


Built by Mike harder
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada
our own SpinCycle

Atomic Zombie Builders Newsletter for July 29

New additions to the builders gallery. Check them out!




Upright handmade bike from Hungary – Atomic Zombie builders gallery

“Hi! This is my fourth bike. Bicycle name: ‘Mad-Max T.S. Bike rottenszaby’ Atomic Zombie Machine

Thx, Szaby.

Jason’s slick tadpole trike – Minnesota

“This is my latest trike. It features a coaster brake for simplicity, and under seat steering. The seat is also adjustable. Enjoy. Jason (flyboy), Princeton, MN”


The TimberWolf Is Born!

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Bottom Bracket in North Pole

“I am looking for a bottom bracket assembly (or a whole bike) for a delta wolf and as the title says, I live in North Pole, AK.”

Read more and join the discussion:    BB in north pole.