Tay’s homemade chopper trike – England

Tay helped his dad build this chopper trike from scrap bike parts.

Submitted by AtomicZombie forum member and bike builder, Naughtyboy.

“We built this because my youngest two kids needed bigger bikes and they both love workshop time with daddy.

One of the kids from school turned up on a shop built chopper, so Tay looked it over and said, “Me and my dad can build (one) better.”

We’ve built all sorts from scrap wood and metal and they have even helped me with rebuilding an old Land rover.

Tay decided he wanted a trike after seeing my Gladiator (chopper trike) plans, and he also looked through my 15 other plans to plan future bikes. The front is based on the Gladiator chopper trike and the rear, I think, was based on the DeltaRunner Recumbent Trike, but flipped over.

The forks are made from 16mm od x 8mm id blow pin shafts left over from machine re-furb at work. Suspension is made of old trampoline springs I found. The handlebars are from an old rotavator which I’m planning on using engine on quad-cycle (so many ideas, so little time).

I had to turn some sleeves to fit them as id was bigger than od of forks. Tay helped with drilling on lathe. Front wheel is 20″ and back started as the same size, but are now 26″ as we needed the smaller one for his little sister’s trike.

I just wish he would let me finish painting it, but he’s too busy racing on the road with his mates! I am impressed with how tight a turning circle it as and how fast he can go.”

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Choke cherries and motion sickness



The scenery surrounding my old workshop.


That’s an odd title for a blog entry, isn’t it? Well, this is supposed to be a random spilling of thoughts and this morning I was thinking about another prototype that I never got the chance to test and the ripening orchard full of berries in front of my bike building shack.

The small field in front of my dilapidated construction trailer is a 6 acre patch completely riddled with apple trees, Saskatoon bushes, choke cherries and wild flowers. It’s quite a scene to behold in midsummer. You can literally fill an ice cream tub up in five minutes just standing under one of the bushes. Oh, how I love my Saskatoon pies and choke cherry jams! Of course, I have to do battle with this strange (dumb) bear that has been coming around when it’s pickin’ time.

I call this bear dumb because it likes to rip open our composter multiple times to lick the mold out of the same rotten coconut shell, and prefers to break a berry bush in half to eat the unripe berries at the top rather than simply eating the good ones well within reach. Last year, dumb bear tore up a dozen Saskatoon bushes, leaving the best berries sitting on broken branches and only eating the green ones (along with the leaves) at the top. I honestly think this bear ate someone’s distillery and remains drunk to this day. Yeah, something’s wrong with that furry beast!

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“Penny fake thing” in Puerto Rico

“This is the newest addition to the bike garage. It is a bent frame mountain bike that I cut the head off and welded the forks back into.

Inspired by Atomic Zombie and Pennyfakething.com this thing gets more attention than my chopper build!

Jeremy’s own rendition of a hand made Pennyfarthing.

Thanks for the great website – BUY PLANS people! They are full of great tips and important features of bike building.

Jeremy in Puerto Rico.”

Cool, Jeremy, thanks for sharing and mentioning AtomicZombie.


Bike builders rock the world!

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Warrior recumbent trike in Greece

“I only have to find disc brakes and then painting! Stathis Thessaloniki, Greece.”

Build your own bikes. AtomicZombie can help.

New Zealand recumbent tour bike

“Hi there. Here is a photo of my recently completed LWB Tourer.

Cheers for now,

Julian Clothier
aka Jayceenz
New Zealand”

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German museum team recreates and rides world’s first electric car

The Ayrton and Perry electric car replica at the Autovision Museum in Germany

“As more and more mainstream car manufacturers join a new wave of electric vehicle development, it looks like we’re definitely headed for an electric transport future. While powering a car with an electric motor is not exactly a new innovation, you may be surprised to learn exactly how old the technology is.

A team led by Horst Schultz – the director and founder of Germany’s Autovision Museum – has spent the last year or so painstakingly recreating the world’s first street-ready electric car, designed and created by English scientists William Ayrton and John Perry, and which first hit the streets in 1881.”

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Ohio StreetFox recumbent tadpole trike kicks gas!

“Just thought I’d share this with you. I wanted some lettering for my StreetFox and I thought this pretty much summed it up.

Andy, Westerville, OH.”

Cool, Andy. How about sending us a nice pic of the entire bike? Thanks.

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